Monday, November 12, 2012

The red headed stepchild of weekdays.

Guess what? It's Monday, the red headed stepchild of weekdays. The polar opposite of Glen Coco.
None for Gretchen Wieners Monday morning.

This probably comes as no surprise to those of you who trot around these parts of interwebbage often, but I'm not one to plan blog posts ahead of time.
Scheduling blog posts sounds about as exhausting as a Monday morning to me.
Hell, I'm lucky if I can think straight in the mornings to form a complete sentence.
So, Monday should be the easiest day for me to come up with a topic, right?

Aside from a 3 hour wine and Skype date with my dahling Samilicious (and Lily),

and a going to a beer festival for a couple hours,

I did nothing worth talking about here. Unless you want to see me looking like a satellite dish with an industrial box of aluminum foil in my hair. Just kidding, I'm not posting that here. You can find it on the twit machine if you're looking for incriminating photos of me. 

Insert blogging crash and burn.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go take down some Go Go Juice and try to be productive.
Notice I said "try"... I think we all know productive probably isn't going to happen.


  1. Hahaha I love Lily's "bitch please" face! She was not having it with the skype machine. Oh wellss. Can that be a weekly ritual? I mean not 3 hours but you know.. we can do three way calls with Brooke and Ty! I'm glad we both basically said that we were boring this weekend and I love it.

  2. Monday is one little biotch. And, I'm assuming that is good ol' Honey Boo Boo falling on the ground? God love you. You're my favorite.


  3. yes, none for monday morning. you surprisingly had wayyyyy more of a productive weekend than I did. so there's that.

  4. That gif is one of my fav things ever

  5. your hair looks gorgeous. But I'm just really upset at you and Sami skyping without me. Can we like 3 way skype or something?

  6. I'm going to assume my Skype invite got lost in the mail.

  7. you and Sami skyping...adorable. HI LILLY!! :)

  8. What's worse than a Monday morning is a way-too-cold-to-get-out-of-bed Monday morning.. When even the dog runs back inside as quickly as possible, which is a definite sign that it's way too cold to be out there, and definitely too cold to try to go get gas and try to get to work. What's go go juice? :)

  9. I love that you two had a 3 hour skype session! :) So funny!

  10. Love that shirt from the beer festival and cheers to the heelarous GIFS! hahahahaha

  11. Beer festival? There is no such fun where i come from, so jealous. You and sami look like you had a blast Friday evening!


  12. I love Skype dates... I need more in my life. *hint hint* :)

  13. Honey Boo Boo does NOT disappoint! GOOD Lord, Whitney, You're hair looks amazing in that picture.

  14. I look forward to a monday about as much as a yeast infection. Let's skip to friday please!

  15. Is anyone ever productive on a Monday? I know I certainly am not, and I really really need to be today! Also - I'm not so good on the blog planning front either....

  16. There was a time {a very short time} in my blogging career where I attempted to plan posts out... Yeah, that lasted a whole second. Best if it's in the moment or in the moment the night before while under the influence of an alcoholic beverage.

    I need more skype in my life... ;)

  17. I'll take some GO GO Juice over here please! xoxo

  18. Love the Mean Girl reference. Checkout my blog if you get a chance, follow if you like! :)

  19. Girl, sounds like your weekend was better than mine! I love your leopard print shirt and robe. Def on my Xmas list this year! Lucky Sami...she gets to SKYPE with you?! Thanks for sharing!

  20. hahaha I'm obsessed with your blog. And that honey boo boo gif.


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