Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'll tell the truth tomorrow, mom, don't you worry.

Today I'm supposed to tell a lie on my blog.
If you're new around here, you may not know this, but I'm usually straight forward. No lies, no sugar coats. 

There's a huge reason for this.

When I think about lying, I cringe a little bit. A lot a bit, actually.
You see, growing up my mom was a huge advocate for always telling the truth. I couldn't even get away with a pea sized white lie. No, seriously, if I only hate 4 peas but I told her I ate 5 I was in trouble. 
This probably explains why I've been tagged as honest to a fault on many occasions.

The back story on this goes a little something like this...
I had a little boyfriend in 6th grade named Tony, he was friends with some people I wasn't allowed to be friends with because of their reputations. Yes, it is possible to have a reputation in 6th grade... if you're my mother.

Let's call one of the girls in this group Danielle.
Danielle was the girl who taught other girls how to stuff their bras, was always in the office because her skirts didn't meet her finger tips, her tank tops were never 4 fingers wide and she had her first kiss far before the rest of us.
To say my mother wouldn't let me near Danielle would be an understatement.
I'm pretty sure she paid the principal off to assure I wasn't in any of the same classes as Danielle.

Well, one day Tony invited me to go to the movies. A double date. With Danielle and her flavor of the day.
Oh. Shit.
Of course I wanted to go, Tony had the coolest Jansport backpack in the entire grade. He was the total cats pajamas. I had to keep my composure and figure out a way to get around this Danielle scenario because if I knew anything it was that I couldn't be the loser who wasn't allowed to hang out with Danielle.

After pacing my room for what felt like 2 hours I figured it out. I was going to pull off the gymnastics routine of the century and pull a real fast one on my mom. I mean, after all, my dad was always the one to drive me to and from the movies. He didn't know Danielle from Kathryn.
So, I told my mom the biggest lie I've told in my entire life. (still to this day)

I was going to the movies with Tony, Kathryn and her friend Nick. That was that.
What could possibly go wrong?

Well, let me tell you. It went wrong. REAL wrong.
Kathryn called my house while I was supposedly at the movies with her.
Oh, yes she did.

The movie ends and we walk outside to get picked up by our parents.
There stands my mother... tapping her toe, fire in her eyes. My face flushed white and I think I felt my heart jump to my throat. I was in deeeeep doo doo.

I still chalk this story up to my lack of popularity throughout the rest of my grade school life.
And also why I fear telling lies.
Really... it's probably because I used to do this in my free time.

Ok. So, now that I've got that down. You all know how uncomfortable I am with this link up, but when my ladies host a link up I just have to support them. I'm biting the bullet. Just please, no one tell my mother. She might try and shut down my blog if she catches wind that I'm being influenced to lie again.
(insert shutter here)

1. I love scary movies.

2. I still sleep with a blankie.

3. I love 80's music. 

I'll tell the truth tomorrow, mom, don't you worry.

PS. Pleeeeeassseeee vote as many times as you can. We're catching up to first but there are some fierce competitors! 


  1. parents terrify us as children in like the best possible way. and i kind of want to be able to strike said same fear into mine if i ever have them.

  2. I once told my mom I was going to see Patch Adams. And we ended up seeing Varsity Blues. My mom specifically told me NOT to see that movie. She found out, of course. Then, grounded me and said if I ever lied to her again, she'd make me write a research paper about lying and then call my english teacher and tell him I needed to read my essay aloud in class. Moms are mean.

  3. Bwaaahahaha I was a pathological liar probably up to about 2nd grade (I used to tell everybody my "real" name was Kelly, my dad was Emmitt Smith, I knew how to do long division in my head, etc.). Then I grew out of it. Knowing developmental psych, I know this is completely normal, but still, makes me laugh thinking about it!

  4. We shared childhoods. Really. That happened to me. But I continued to lie throughout high school. That picture is on my phone for when I need to remember how much I love you.

  5. This is great. Absolutely hilarious. Oh and I think I totally missed the concept of this link up, which is mildly unfortunate since I am hosting it. Oops. I weaved little lies all through the whole thing. What can I say? I rock at lying. That might be a lie too, though.

  6. Oh man good thing we didn't meet until the age where we don't have to do what our parents told us to do anymore because I was the WORST. I lied about anything and everything for fun.. I was also grounded more than any other child in the history of ever. I know onw of those is definitely true so I'm going with you don't like 80's music.

  7. Hahaha - mom's know EVERYTHING.
    If there's one thing that I learned growing up it's that you can't pull a fast one on mom. Dad, yes. Mom, no.

  8. Ahhh I have a very similar story with my dad that now makes me terrified of lies! I feel ya girl. I feel ya.

    I VOTED!

  9. Baahah. I am a terrible liar. TERRIBLE. Just last weekend the hubs was asking me if I got him a certain something for his birthday and I had to cover my face to answer him because I knew if he guessed what I had gotten it would have been over with.

  10. I voted my allowance for the day. I love contests. I hope you win!

    I think you hate scary movies.

    I don't lie even about small shit because I hate complicated things.

  11. You know what, that story was amazing, bravo to your mother for good parenting!
    I was terrified to lie to my mother, i did it a few times (when i was rebelling) but she always found out and i always regretted it!
    I think the lie is...#3...i love some 80s music but i know others don't ha.

  12. I lied about going to the movies when I was in sixth grade too. I told my mom I was going with 2 of my girl friends but I went with just my boyfriend. I figured she would pick me up outside and I would get away with it but what do you know, there's mom standing in the lobby waiting for me and sees me with no girl friends walking out of the movie. I got grounded for lying and going out with just my boyfriend.

  13. I'm a fellow Orlando resident, and I heard about this on the radio! Totally voting :) Good luck!!

    Diary of a Debutante

  14. I think the biggest lie I told my parents when I was young was about failing a test in the 6th grade and I forged my dad's signature. Of course, they found out and it was baad. I'm going to go with...liking scary movies as your lie!

  15. That outfit is amazzzzzzing. Please tell me the movie theatre you went to was the one in Maitland that is now a Paul Mitchell Salon? I got in so much trouble at that theatre for going on a "date" when I told my mom it was a bunch of us.

    And, I'm guess that you hate Scary movies. Boom.

  16. Haha I was always too afraid to lie to my parents so I just snuck out of the house. If they ever found out, I reasoned, I'd just tell the truth, but at least in the meantime I wasn't lying... whoops. Ah the rationalizations of a 15 year old in love.

  17. hmmm #1!!

    mostly because i hate scary movies :p

    The DayLee Journal

  18. haha I would always lie to my mom saying I was sick to get out of school. I always thought I was so tricky about it, but she told me the other day she always knew I was lying.

  19. Ha. I'm sure I told little white lies to my mom from time to time. Oops.

  20. I feel the same hence the reason everybody is guessing my lie... LOL fail

  21. I am glad that linkup brought this story out..and I am going with truth, truth, lie. I will be sitting on pins and needles until tomorrow

  22. 6th grade reputations hahah YES so true. A group of girls in my 6th grade class were "in a gang" aka they had a song they made up and sang and they all always had to wear those choker necklaces

    this story is fantastic hahahahah oh Danielle. What is she up to now I wonder?!

    i went to Newbury Comics in middle school and bought the 50 cent CD and peeled the sticker off that said something about it being EXPLICIT and for certain ages so that when i got home my mom/dad thought I had the edited version. But there I was bumpin my head to fitty cent rapping about guns and bishes

    I am anxious to hear your lie!! i think the lie is 1!!


  23. Great story! I love the phrases you use like "cat's pajamas". I say shit like that all the time and people laugh at me. Makes me feel a little better that at least someone else has those thoughts - even if it only shows up in a blog!

  24. Sooooo my mom was the SAME way. I could never say I was staying at Kelly's house, but actually be at Sam's house because my mom as the mom who would make me call her from Kelly's house phone when I got there... Totally not kidding.

    I'm gonna guess that you love scary movies is the lie!

  25. Oh my god, I'm dying laughing over here. Chickn minis for you, and for you..and none for Danielle Weiners.

  26. This is my parents down to a T...


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  28. first, you said cats pajamas. second i think #1 is a lie. #3 better not be. 80s music is awesome.

  29. I say #1 is a lie. Question, can I borrow that lovely dress?

  30. I don't think you like scary movies. And I cannot believe your friend CALLED. Didn't you warn her? You weren't very good at that!!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  31. Loving the outfit above...I say...2 is a lie..you got them fur babies at night to snuggle with.

  32. Well then.
    This reminds me of my mother so much that I am wondering if we were long lost twins... which doesnt make sense but you get the idea.

    I wasn't even allowed to go to the movies with or with out a lie. rough. I also attribute the movies to why I was a NERD in middle school. oops

    I totally think the 80's one is a lie... too many good 90's back your azzz up songs :)

  33. I love it. I was quite the rebel in 6th grade and did a similar thing that I still feel about to this day! I think it helped me be more of a goody two shoes in high school when things should have gotten crazy. I was still scared of my mom from the 6th grade incident! :)

    Classy with a Kick

  34. I am a horrible liar because my parents instilled intense fear in me. Getting caught in a lie had the worst punishment, plus the "you disappointed me" lecture. Honesty is best, anyway, right? I tried to vote, but am not sure if it worked :)

  35. I'm guessing #1 is a lie!
    I had the exact same thing happen to me where my friend came over to my house to see if I was home.. SO BAD!

  36. Haha I seriously love that story.
    I'm going to guess no. 1 is a lie?
    Getting my voting on today!! :D

  37. best. story. ever.
    and #3 is a total lie.
    that's what I'm sticking with.

  38. Oh hun, you were traumatized. My mom was the exact same way though....further adding fuel to my 'we're twins' fire....except...I think I'm older than you :-P

  39. I do not believe that you love 80s music! But, I could be wrong! :)

  40. Hahah, best story! So traumatizing! And I think #1 is a lie!

  41. I think #1 is a lie. But, I'm hoping #2 is the lie.
    Great story!

  42. I was totally Danielle, the one everyone warns you about.

    Still am.

  43. I think #1 is the lie? That was a hilarious story though! I stopped over from the linky party, if you have time stop by and guess what my lie is too please do! I think I'm your newest follower too, you seem like a fun blogger gal to follow :)

  44. I was a bad liar in grade school, but I perfected it in high school.

  45. Hahahaha! Oh the 6th grade.. such crazy times!

  46. Haha what a classic tale! One for the books :)


  47. Now this was funny, made me remember my childhood and how I never lied to my parents if I did try to lie I would go all red in the face and chest such a give away.............

  48. I'm going to go with you not actually loving 80's music. I know you rock hard to some #backthatazzup and 90's and early 2000's but 80's....hmmm

  49. I absolutely love your blog. I look forward to reading it at working every morning. I feel like we would get along so incredibly well. I'm a terrible liar as well. Most likely because of my childhood too - my mom was not a woman to be lied to. Read me like a book! :)

  50. My mother was the same way - very strict when it came to truth and honesty! I'm grateful now that she raised me that way.

    The Hartungs Blog

  51. Hahahaha your blog posts always bring a smile to my day. I think its because of your honesty ^_^