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IWYP By: Whitney Ellen is a limited edition t-shirt line that brings you an original and witty t-shirt design once monthly. Each month the design will be introduced on I Wore Yoga Pants and that will open up the order process. Orders for any given month’s shirts will be taken for two full weeks, during that time a PayPal invoice will be sent to all orders and, once the two week time has expired, that design will no longer be available for purchase.

A link to the order forms can be found on the month’s introduction post, but can also be made via e-mail if you have any unanswered questions. Never hesitate to send over an email if you have any questions!

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1. For two weeks each month I will be taking pre-orders, if you will, for that specific month’s t-shirt. It is a one month at a time pre-order, so you aren’t committed to any other month’s shirt but the one you are seeing on this blog.

2. Once the two week pre-order period is up that shirt will no longer be offered, so make sure you don’t miss the window to get that month’s shirt.

3. There are no surprises and, just like this post, you will know exactly what shirt you’re getting when you pre-order. The shirt color, font color, and design selection you see here is what you will receive in the mail.

4. These are high quality t-shirts and are custom printed just for the orders taken here on my blog. Each shirt even comes with a custom ‘IWYP by: Whitney Ellen’ tag on them, which is far too exciting for me to handle.

5. Your shirt will be shipped one to two weeks after pre-order sales are over. Remember, they are custom printed for my blog so, while their is a wait, I like to think it’s well worth it.

6. All payments ($25 + $5 shipping or $8 shipping outside USA) must be made during the two week pre-order time period. If you don’t get around to paying your invoice by the end date of pre-orders, you will not receive your shirt. While there is no limit on how many are sold, if your payment isn’t made in the two week time period you will, unfortunately, miss out on that month’s shirt.

7. Be sure to double, triple, check the size chart below to assure you are ordering the correct size because all sales are final due to the customization of the shirts.

However if, for some reason, you decide you want to back out before the two week pre-order period has ended you will get a 100% refund.