Thursday, December 20, 2012

Keep on dancing until the world ends.

I need an intervention.

I wore yoga pants to a bar last night.

No, I'm not kidding. I can only wish I was.
I took Shannon's #teamleggingsaspants campaign to a new level.
The good news is that the world is, apparently, ending for all of us tomorrow. So, I've decided I'm going out in style yoga pants. 
I know you can't actually see them in this but I'm posting because I just love my ladies.
I wonder if Instagram will want to sell this one?

In other news, what do we think about the world ending tomorrow?
I mean, I guess I'm a little pissed. I didn't even actually get to get married yet. Just having the ring doesn't count. 
There's a lot of stuff I haven't gotten to do yet. Damn you, Mayans. I need another couple of years.
I didn't really care for 2012 too much, I really need another year or 20.

At least I was around long enough to know what this means...

and this...

Lawd, I miss Pinky and Stinky.
JT, denim cowboy hat. Really?

I never got to meet this guy and so we never got to fall in love, so that's pretty upsetting.

I didn't even my reality show yet.

Or be besties with Miley.

At least I made it through my chubby (for me) years...

and the time I thought I was an actual rockstar with this hair...

I also realized that these boobs will never be believable unless I have surgery to make them that way.

Guys, just keep on dancing until the world ends. Ok?


Also, this is the best end of the world post you'll read your whole life. 


  1. Haha!!! Well I can definitely say I have worn yoga pants to a bar myself. Shame on us, but at least we were comfortable!


  2. HAHA your post almost make me laugh! Hopefully we got another 20 years and you can keep wearing your yoga pants to bars!!!

  3. Totally guilty of wearing yoga pants to bars. I try to distract people with a nice top. hahaha

  4. I wore leggings to work yesterday and felt like such a rebel...I'll do my best to keep on dancing :)

  5. i met britney spears once, but that story is for another time.

  6. You is fabulousss... Tomorrow, you can find me at my desk with an adult juice box and a bendy straw!!

  7. OH and you know what? Back in my hey day, people actually wore what is now considered yoga pants EVERYWHERE - class, the bar, weddings, the grocery store.

    1. Are you referring to those stretchy, black, flared "dress pants" that everyone seemed to have eight pairs of? And were worn with big, clunky black shoes? Because that's what I remember from the late 90s, and I remember really REALLY wanting a pair.

  8. lol, I love this post! :) Happy last day of the world!

  9. Love this post! I kinda dig your rockstar that just me?? I just hope the damn world doesn't end tomorrow while I'm a work. Let's just cool our jets until after 5pm when I'm at the bar K?

  10. You were never chubby and I LOVE your rockstar hair.

  11. if you move to my little small town you can wear yoga pants and look dressed up :)

  12. Pinky and Stinky...those were da days! And when Kendra did that on RHOA....I died laughing. I actually woke Boomer up I was laughing so hard.

  13. There is no shame in yoga pants to the bar. I've done it. With Uggs.

    Granted, it was in the middle of an ice storm and we sledded down the hill to Dickson Street to the one bar that was open, but let's not act like I haven't done it before.

    See also: I'd kick your ass in a death match of chubby pics. This homegirl was GIRTHY.

  14. i think, when drinking, it's best to be as comfortable as possible.
    then you can ingest more without having to unbutton that button on your jeans.

  15. I wanted to leave a legit comment, but I still can't get past them crazies dressed in all denim. No, not all denim. A denim "gown" and a denim "suit" and a denim "cowboy hat". "What?????" "No."

  16. I think leggings/yoga pants are acceptable as long as your booty isn't hanging out ;) And even then--- screw it! Do what you want when the world is ending.

    Thanks for the denim flashback haha, I Remember thinking that was SO CUTE when they did that!

  17. If it makes you feel better, Holly Rowe (the on-field sports reporter) definitely wears yoga pants ALL the time and she's on freakin TV!

  18. I wear yoga pants to work quite often. I am usually the only on in the office and I deal mostly with college students AND my boss always says he doesn't care what I wear. One time he showed up unexpectedly-he lives out of state-and I had just gotten back from a lunch walk in the summer all red and in my workout clothes. I tried to defend my look saying I just brought those clothes to work out in and was going to change back and he said even if that is what I wore to work it'd be fine. Still, I have guilt sometimes when I feel like I'm wearing my yoga pants too often and then I tell myself, Whitney says if you can wear yoga pants to work then wear yoga pants to work! haha.

  19. I will be sad if the world actually DOES end because we never got to hang out and play with weaves n wine. Like I am legitimately upset about that... I also dies of the Brit Brit and JT picture... WITF WERE THEY THINKING???? PS You are so my idol for wearing your yoga pants to a bar! Rock on sistah

  20. Hilarious. I adore you. Yoga pants and all.

  21. I love that you have a photo of your stuffed boobs! They look real to me ;) Plus you chubby equals me skinny so there's that. If the world ends before we skip holding hands in the rain.. I will NOT be happy.

  22. Haha you are hilarious! Not only are you going out in style but you are going to be comfortable! I have worn yoga pants to a lot of places I probably shouldn't have.. whoops! Love the stuffed boobs!! Haha!

  23. thank you for having two pictures of brit brit in this post. that is all xoxo

  24. great post! It made me laugh a few times at least :)

    I appreciated the Britney photos - so classic!

    - Khrysty

  25. ahhh the world didn't end (yet - i guess the day isn't over). can't believe that jt/britney outfit combo. and was she ever really that skinny? wow. good luck on your reality show - i'd watch!!

  26. I love this Britney gif. Not denim Brit Brit though. Ew

  27. So funny!! Love that you wore yoga pants to the you were more comfortable than all the girls in jeans and heels!


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