Monday, September 29, 2014

The Depths Of Moving Hell

Hello friends.

Probably going to have to make this one short and sweet today, seeing as I am living in the depths of a world known as Packing Hell currently. Actually, I don't even know why I'm sitting here complaining right now seeing as I've known about my move for, oh, about two months and it's entirely my fault that I have a total of zero boxes packed and taped up. The good news is that tonight is my last night sleeping in this apartment so I'm really setting myself up for great amounts of stress and misery. More good news is that my moving container that's supposed to fit my entire life doesn't look like it could fit an hour of my life, so that's going to be a real pleasure come tomorrow when my friends come to help me load it up. I hope one of them has some serious Tetris skills.

Also good news that is actually good news is that Jimmy Johns delivers so I don't have to pretend I'm even close to being presentable enough for the general public for the next few days. Err, or for the next week and a half considering I'll be spending more time in my car over the next week than I ever want to spend in a car ever. Ever. Good thing bear's meeting me in Atlanta and then I can talk his ears off until he inevitably wants to place duct tape over my mouth and then volunteers to do all of the driving so I fall asleep and stop talking.

Don't say I'm not good at making plans.

As far as Sir goes, she's just living the dream one day at a time. Currently she's looking at me as if she belongs in a ASPCA commercial, accompanied by no other than Sarah McLachlan, because she wants my BLT and I didn't order extra B which means I have none to spare. Except for the piece I just gave her. She wins every single time.
I should have enrolled her into dog acting. Between her bed head and those eyes, you'd think she's been starved and living on the streets for months. She currently has a bowl full of food with shredded chicken mixed in, for the record. Other than her begging antics and her serious need for a grooming appointment, she's doing a whole bunch of not helping me and sleeping on the clock. I guess I'm going to have to do the majority of this all on my own. Rude.

I guess I'll go back to trying to figure out how to pack up my life some more. Hopefully this time I actually get some stuff in boxes instead of getting overwhelmed, sitting in the middle of my living room panicking, and trying to stop myself from popping all of the bubble wrap.

Moving is a real bitch.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Farmer's Wife

Happy Saturday everyone! Today I'm introducing you to one of the hottest blogging mama's on the block, Amy from The Farmer's Wife. I should also add that she's quickly going to become one of your most favorite people because she's hosting a little giveaway at the bottom of this.

1. | What motivated you to start blogging?

Honestly. I thought I'd be a killa' fashion blogger.
I was wrong.
I mean, I'm certainly not opposed to posting pictures of myself...
I just need a reason to do so {i.e. trying to sell someones cute products}.
And I didn't. 
Just random narcissistic pictures of myself. Ha.
Getting my farmer to take pictures of me is darn near impossible too.

Also, I live on a farm. A long ways from any of my family. Or really anyone for that matter.
It's a big change from my Cali girl roots.
Having a place to put pictures and updates on what's going on in our lives is perfect to keep everyone up to date.
Plus, it gives me a good social outlet when I don't want to pack up my boys and drive an hour to be social.

2. | What kind of blogger would you consider yourself to be?

Lifestyle. Family.
There's a lot of crazy shiz that happens living on a farm.
Accidents, parties, room renovations, recipes.
Maybe it's not all crazy. But still awesome.

I also write a lot about my farmers.
My main man, and our two little mini farmers.
Because, well... I can't help myself. 
Just look at them.
I mean, my farmer's sexiness alone should be enough to make you...
Am I right?

3. | When you're not blogging, what other things do you like to get into?

Farm bookkeeping, yard work and taking care of my children is what keeps me busy mostly.
But that's all a necessity.
And not always what I would like to be doing.

In my "free" time I love to dabble in photography.
I would love to do it professionally.
And until then, I will keep shoving my lens in my boys' faces.

I am also designing a guesthouse/homeschool building that we'd like to build sooner than later.
Stay tuned.

4. | Share some of your most favorite posts with us.

... just to name a few.
I think their titles speak for themselves.

5. | Give us something that's made you laugh recently.

Oh boy.
I would typically post a Jimmy Fallon youtube video right now.
But this one from Ellen, was pretty great:

You know what else is great?
Cold hard cash.
And I just happen to be giving some away for all of you lovely people!
Go ahead and get entered.
And then come on over and visit me:

blog | instagram | twitter | facebook

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you all for reading!
Hope to see you around my blog soon.


Friday, September 26, 2014

Vino Paradise

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
 photo _MGL3535_zps9fdf3514.jpg
Wine, wine, wine, I love wine.

I know none of you knew this about me but I thought it was time for me to come clean about my love for all that is smashed and fermented grapes bottled to perfection. Add some girlfriends and a chick flick or two to the mix and you are speaking every last word of my language. I like to think my mom is to blame for my love of wine because she's a fellow wine-o that knows all the ropes, or grapes if you will.

One of the first wines I ever fell in love with was Sonoma-Cutrer, Chardonnay of course, because I was working in a fine dining restaurant at the time and a rep came in to introduce us to their Sonoma-Cutrer wines. It was the first time I ever got to sit in on a wine tasting and I pretty much thought I was in heaven because, hello, I was getting to drink at work and that's never not a great thing. During the tasting I learned that their Chardonnay was considered a  wine with light hints of citrus and oak. Around that time I didn't exactly realize what I was tasting but over the years I've gotten pretty good at figuring it all out and I can say all of those things are pretty accurate.
 photo _MGL3454_zpsecdbb802.jpg
I'm a chicken gal through and through, mostly because it's one of the first things I figured out how to nail every time I cooked it, but also because it's never not delicious with a good Chardonnay. Add a tomato mozzarella salad to the mix and you are speaking my language of love. Almost any time I get invited to some sort of party or gathering I never fail to come with a bottle of Sonoma-Cutrer Chardonnay in tow because it's a good wine with an affordable price tag and it almost always dresses to impress.

Now days I keep my wine tasting mostly at home or with friends but it doesn't take away from the fun of opening a new bottle of wine and sipping until you're in vino paradise. Either way, it's always a party when Sonoma-Cutrer is involved! For more of the party check @SonomaCutrer out on Twitter. 

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Just Like An Old Car

Look at me go. I made it to my blog on my first day of being unemployed. Like. A. Boss.
Granted just because I'm here doesn't actually mean I have anything of substance to fill your day with but I made it and I think that deserves a little credit because there's a big part of me that saw myself waking up around noon today, adorned in a plethora of snack wrappers, using an empty Andre bottle as a pillow. None of which occurred, by the way. I am so responsible.

And by "responsible" I really mean that I drank the holy water, or wine for those who prefer to keep it technical, for the first time in about two weeks last night and it was everything I remember loving so much. Two weeks is a long time to deal with your sober self day in and day out, especially when your life is revolving around this really big change that causes a million different emotions on any given day. I'm in a glass case of emotions. And also I'm just a lot more fun after a couple glasses of wine.

It's Science.

I don't even know where I was going with this. See what happens when you take me out of a typical work setting? This is why we can't have nice things.

At dinner last night with bear's mom, err Mama Bear, we had a great discussion about how proud she can now be of her son and his delightful girlfriend who's unemployed. On paper, I'm a real dream. Like an 87' Chevy... or whatever kind of old Easter egg colored car it is that people like to dream about. I used to, as in yesterday, have the ol' 9-5 thing to tell people about when they'd ask me what I did for a living. Now I just get to dance around the subject without giving any real answer. Good thing I like to dance.

George Banks, circa Father of the Bride, would not be impressed with this unemployed non-ape.

Sir isn't complaining though. She got a full walk around the lake this morning, as well as some freshly shredded chicken mixed in with her food, and a refreshing bowl of semi-cold water for perfect drinkability. You want to talk about someone who makes the unemployed life look good? Sir's your girl. Despite my many efforts to coax her into helping me provide for our large family of two, she continues to laugh right in my face about it. Good help is so hard to find.

For a post about absolutely nothing, this has already exceeded my expectations of where I thought today's post would end up. So I guess I should probably turn in my chips while I'm up and call it a day... er, a post? I don't know.

Anywho, don't forget to get your orders in (click on those bold words, you know you want to) for this month's IWYP shirt if it's something that strikes your fancy. Today is the last day I'm taking orders and then this shirt will go into the Disney vault and be gone for eternity. Actually that eternity part is a lie but it'll be gone for a little while at least and then you'll find the perfect time and place to wear such a shirt and you wont have one. Then you'll be sad.

Holy rambles.
I'm going to go now. I promised Mama Bear I would pack at least 3 boxes today.
Good thing she didn't specify box size I'm expected to pack and so shoeboxes it is.
Seriously nailing this move.  

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