Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Being Trendy

Can we talk about trends for a second? Being in the "blog world" I feel like we get a firsthand look at many of the trends that come to life, far before the rest of the world does. I mean really, once the right person gets ahold of a trend it seems like the rest of us hop aboard the trendy bandwagon without thinking twice. Did I just define what a trend is? Signs point to yes. You're welcome.

I think the last trend I really got stuck on was Tommy Hilfiger overalls, back in the late 90's. There wasn't a week that went by where I wasn't sporting my comfy, yet incredibly practical slash durable, denim wonders. I can't speak for all of us but I like to think that was one of the better trends of my generation. Really, though.

As I've gotten a little older, and a little less impressionable, I've found myself scratching my head more and more at the trends that tend to come around these days. So today let's just go ahead and check out some trends I really suck at and some trends I really rock at.

Trends I really suck at:

There's a solid chance it's just me, but I can't help but to feel really awkward every damn time I attempt to take a picture of myself using the front facing camera on my phone. I always end up asking myself, "Self, why are you taking a picture of yourself? Is it because you actually put makeup on today and feel mildly presentable? Well, congrats but I don't think anyone cares." and then I scrap said selfie, swap to the normal camera and make sir pose for me. She's way cuter anyways.

Also, that selfie song makes me want to die inside a little bit. But that's for another day and another post.

All white. Errything white.
True story, I have a rug in my apartment that was made to be black and white. The white in said rug currently resembles the shade your dishwater turns after you've been soaking a baking sheet you recently burnt something on. I have no business having white anything in my apartment, let alone white sheets, white rugs, white pillows... hell, even white walls are pushing it. When is black going to be the new black again? I miss black.

Fuck. I feel like everyone and their mom these days has the most perfect, Victoria's Secret model-worthy, eyebrows. Meanwhile, I just figured out that people make pencils meant for coloring in hardly existent eyebrows, like the ones on my face. I mean, there are more fur tumbleweeds on my living room floor than there are eyebrows on my face. Not to mention, I can't get these suckers waxed because my face acts like I've attempted to set it on fire for the following three weeks after said waxing occurs.

Basically, my eyebrows don't want me to be pretty. Or trendy.

My mom once gave me a cactus and I managed to kill the poor thing in record time. You know, one of the only plants in this world that literally needs zero attention and super minimal amounts of water? Yeah, that's the kind I managed to kill. If there was a nursing home for dying plants I'd be the main headquarters, so to even consider bringing a living plant in my home, which I believe is meant solely for decor purposes, just isn't going to work.

I suppose I could get a fake one and play pretend with it. I don't really like playing pretend though.

Washy tape.
I think I used this stuff back in the day when I was really into scrapbooking my oh so important, first love, relationship. I was a pretty lazy scrapbooker who really just wanted to cut up pictures and put stickers everywhere so I'd use colorful tape to save time. This colorful tape seems to have resurfaced but now that I no longer scrapbook I don't know what to use it for. Soooo, I have a few rolls of really pretty tape but that's pretty much it all is... really pretty tape hanging out in a drawer. Sigh.

Trends I'm really rocking:

I'm calling this a trend because I feel like I can go just about anywhere these days and find a unicorn on something. Not to sound too cocky but I'm kind of rocking them. #unicornpower

Now if someone could please bring back Lisa Frank I'd also rock the ever living hell out of a trapperkepper.

I actually really hated gold until I turned about 24, when I got sick of every single silver piece of jewelry I had ever owned. Now I'm all about that gold life. The more the better.

Tervis Tumblers.
I don't really know if these count as a trend but I'm just going to put this right here because I drink my coffee out of my Florida State tumbler every morning and it's pretty spectacular.

Boxed wine.
I mean, do I even need to elaborate? Thank whoever made boxed wine become a thing. I'd like to hug that person.

I'm pretty sure people don't really consider Florida "the south", mostly because we've just got a clusterfuck of people in this state and it's pretty difficult to categorize us, but as far as monogram loving goes I'm all about being "the south". Monograming things just makes them feel more personable and unique; two things I'm a big fan of.

Speaking of monogram, how about we end this trendy post with a way for everyone to get a piece of their own monogram trend on, thanks to the fabulous Crystal Faye who has so kindly monogrammed my life for me?

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Some Things

I'm feeling a bit on the random side today, so, bear with me while I go ahead and partake in, yet another, some things post. Also, the internet in my office has been down for the majority of the morning which pretty much cramps my blogging style. Also known as, shooting from the hip blogging because let's get real I can count on one hand how many posts I've pre-written and scheduled. So, in a sense the crashed internet wins. Sort of.

- I came home to a kitchen full of bubbles yesterday. Much to my disappointment, it wasn't bear's attempt at having our own personal bubble party or a slip and slide in the middle of the kitchen, it was the end result of someone (uhem) using dish soap in the dishwasher because we were out of dish detergent. I can't decide if this was an unintentional accident or just an attempt at getting out of dish duty in the future. Regardless, my kitchen floor is now sparkling and I'm pretty sure my dishwasher has never been so clean.

- Also, said dish duty still belongs to one bear because I'm pretty sure all of my clothes would end up being Sir sized if he took over laundry duty.

- Currently, my stomach is trying to eat itself. The bad news is, I should probably wait at least another 30 minutes before I eat my (friggen delicious) leftovers from my most favorite restaurant in town, Black Bean Deli. There's a half of a media noche with my name on it, just singing my name like the sweetest little bird song you ever did hear.

- I could go for a Cuban coffee, as well. Darts went way too late last night and this old woman didn't get her full 8-10 hours of sleep. I'm no Miss Cleo but I'm 100% certain there's a nap in this girl's future today.

- This little lady (who's in desperate need of a grooming appointment) got her first taste of "blog mail" and her head hasn't quite deflated back to life yet. Petbox is a monthly box subscription for... wait for it... PETS. My first thought was, "shit, why didn't I think of this?!", followed by "damn, my dog is one spoiled baby.". Either way, this is a pretty amazing idea and an awesome way to try out new treats, grooming supplies, bones, etc. Especially if you've got a picky babe like my little Sir, who snubs her nose at the majority of treats I hand to her.

- Bonus points, you get to choose what products you do and don't get each month. Double bonus points, every Petbox purchased feeds a rescued baby in need.

- That playlist up there has been on loop, nonstop, since I found it yesterday morning. I know it's technically not #backthatazzup Friday but I couldn't NOT share such awesomeness with everyone. My favorites are Use Somebody, Come as You Are, and Hey Ya... but there are SO many amazing covers on that playlist. Go make your Tuesday better and listen to it.

- Last last lastly, before I go stuff my face, I'm going to be super un-sneaky again and toss in another shameless plug right here. Check out two of my favorite blogging ladies sporting this month's IWYP shirt! You can find Samantha's post here and Holly's here! (click here to order) They're only available to order for 8 more days.

Annnnd, with that I've decided it's officially time to get my nom on.
See ya on the flip side!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Raspberry Summer Salad

It's no secret that I go on food rampages more often than not. And by "rampage" I mean that I get stuck on any given food item and wont back off until I've exhausted the flavor(s) and no longer have the desire for it. Today I'll be introducing you to my latest food rampage, the Raspberry Summer Salad.

Initially, I got my first taste for this salad at a local salad shop in Downtown Orlando. Keyword there being "local" as in "small business" as in "expensive as hell". By the time I've added protein to my salad at this place we're talking $9-10 for one salad. Thanks for playing, but this budget diva quickly lost her appetite after paying that tab. Insert my brilliant friend Jessa, who recommended I back my azz up into Publix and make the salad myself. Fast forward to last Thursday and I managed to concoct a salad, debatably, better than the $10 salad I fell in love with last week.

Here's what you need:
Lettuce (I use chopped romaine because ain't nobody got time for nutrients)
Honey Maple Turkey - shredded with your fingers. (Don't forget to wash them first, ya nasty)
Strawberries - quartered and without their stem hats on because that would be weird.
Mandarin Oranges (Canned... because, again, we're being real healthy)
Feta Cheese - because NOM.
Sunflower Seeds
Raspberry Vinaigrette (aka liquid heaven)
Salt & Pepper to taste

I don't have exact measurements on ingredients for this because it's a salad and there's about zero percent chance you can mess this one up. Your odds for a successful meal on this one are pretty damn high, my friends.

Here's what you should do with that stuff:

Mix it all together in a bowl, drizzle the liquid heaven on top, Instagram it so everyone knows you're a true badass in the kitchen, and then chow down like the barbaric monster you are.

Badabing, badaboom.
Quick, easy, and painless. Mmhmm, I know that's how you like it.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Have A Laugh

We made it to Friday, holy shit. Actually, that was far more dramatic than I'm currently feeling, I just feel the strange need to make a big deal out of Friday because that's what the bandwagon says we have to do. Truth be told, this week flew by so fast, it's nearly shocking to me that it's already Friday. Either way, I'm excited I for two nights without an old lady bedtime and two mornings without an alarm clock.

Today I have a case of the giggles, so I'm going to share some things that have been making me laugh lately. Enjoy.

This comment from yesterday's post. 
I would like to have a dance off with Bev and then put her face on a shirt.
Also, I couldn't agree more with that last part. You are my favorite, Bev D.

Oscars 2014. #neverforget

Diabeetus. Because it justifies my shitty eating habits.

This article about a guy who's really good at Tinder.

The fact that I was tweeted this yesterday.
And then reposted on my personal Facebook wall, only to have my father be the first one to "like" and comment. I get it honestly.

National Sibling Day.
Spread faster than herpes in a frat house. Where's the day for us kids who have confusing stories? Kidding, that's far too complicated for just one day. I'd need at least a week to get through all of my confusing family shit.

Giving him the business.
Because my friends and I have yet to shake our addiction to using this in everyday jargon. Try it on for size, I bet you'll be addicted too.
Fast forward to 20 seconds if you're in a hurry.

This totally freaking awesome t-shirt.
Wink. This is actually just a really sneaky way of plugging this month's shirt. Sneaky like a rhino, I am.

Annnnd, now let's go ahead and back our azz's up. My song this week is thanks to my Shan Shan, whose impeccable taste in music surpasses mine and, if she didn't share, I'd hate her for it.

It's Back That Azz Up Friday!

The purpose: To start our weekend with some fantastic jams.
The station that inspired it: "Back That Azz Up" on Pandora Radio.
The rules: Link your jams up and have a jam sesh with all of us!

Click here for a tutorial on how to embed a song in your post.

Happy Friday!
Grab a button, pick your jam, link up and let's get this weekend started off on the right foot!
I wore yoga pants
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