Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'm thankful for the shades that hide my hungover eyes.

So, it's the day before Thanksgiving and, from what I can gather, the blog world will be dead tomorrow.
To avoid the risk of writing my super thoughtful, and not at all sarcastic, thankful Thanksgiving post and having no one around to read it, I'm going to post it today.
I know, don't all jump out of your seats at once. 

This year I am thankful for...

 the person who figured out that 4 bottles of wine could fit in one convenient box - with a spout.

Day & NyQuil for helping me forget I am, yet again, under the Thanksgiving curse for another year.

Honey Boo Boo, Duck Dynasty, Moonshiners, and every other entertaining redneck reality show.

my washer, which is currently washing the sheets Ella decided to vomit on at 7am this morning.

those of you posting photos of people in tents outside of stores. That shit is hilarious.

green bean casserole, which I am likely to destroy easily 4 servings of tomorrow.

RayBan aviators - for all of the times they have hidden my hungover eyes.

Jenelle's mom from Teen Mom. Barb has some seriously brilliant one-liners. "High! High!"

Blogger for occupying so many hours of my time each day. Except for Saturday & Sunday, duh.

Ty Ty, Brookie, and Samilicious. 'Nough said.

yoga pants that will allow me to stuff my face tomorrow and not feel like I'm going to bust a button.

Eat lots of food tomorrow, loves. I'm out!


  1. Amen for box wine! Do you think it would be totally inappropriate for me to say THAT'S what I'm thankful for at the table tonight?

  2. love this all. I am thankful for you being awesome at life.

  3. Love it!

    I'm writing my thankful thanksgiving post today! D

  4. I love you my little green bean! And I am incredibly thankful for all these things too - peace out rayban aviators.

  5. The yoga pants is the best, how did people do Thanksgiving before them?!

  6. The boxed wine creator is my best friend.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving love! :)

  7. Have a fabulous thanksgiving and feel better! Xo

  8. I hope you get to feeling better!!! I'm thankful for Ray-Bans and yoga pants as well!

  9. yeah for box wine!!!!! And I LOOOOVE Jenelle's mom - HAVE FUN LIVING ON THE STREETS WITH YOUR BOOOOOOYFRIEND!!!

  10. This picture of your is too funny!! I also cant wait to stuff my face!

  11. Happy almost Thanksgiving!! :) I love the turkey outfit BTW. :)

  12. oh god Janelle's mom's accent wears me out! That woman is CRAZY! KEEEFAHHH!

  13. Oh I'm totally thankful for Honey Boo Boo, yoga pants and wine in a box. Holla!

    Ugh, my dog was vomiting this morning too. maybe they have the thanksgiving curse?!

  14. Thankful for YOU, pretty girl - your blog makes me LOL on the regular

  15. I am so thankful for boxed wine and yoga pants! Let me tell you. Oh...and my Uggs because it gets cold here. Sorry you're sicky for the best eating day of the year, but I have faith you'll pull through! :) XoXo!

  16. I am saving the picture of you as a turkey and having it pop up when you call me :) I am thankful for you and all of the joy you bring to my life.. duh! xoxox Happy Thanksgiving boo

  17. Haha your the best. Def all things to be thankful for. It's the little things right?! Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. "you know Janelle, you are just going to have to stop doing that smoking pot"

    Love her!!! lol

  19. I'm trying to figure out to tie yoga pants in with my sweater and boots combo...I think I need leggings.

  20. HIGH HIGH YA ALL HIGH! Do you read Makes my life.

  21. Hilarious! You are awesome, even when sick! Love it :) I hope you feel better and have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!!!

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. I agree w/ you about Janelle's mom 100%! she's hilarious!

  24. Haha..Barb is one crazy bia, I love that lady.
    Happy Thanksgiving love.

  25. I'm going to pretend like you're really in a turkey costume. I'm thankful for hangover shades too. I don't need them nearly as much as I did in college, but I plan on utilizing them a couple days this weekend for sure. Happy Thanksgiving!

  26. My, what hands you have! ;)

    That's all I've got. Happy turkey day!

  27. Blogger also occupies a lot of my time! Happy American Thanksgiving from a Canadian reader :)

  28. Lol that turkey costume reminds me of the Xbox fame Fable III where you get to wear a chicken costume. I'm thankful for video games.

  29. And I am thankful for ridiculous turkey costumes making me smile!


  30. Dying over that costume hahahahah. SO funny.

    Newest Follower- Loveeee your blog so far! Can't wait to keep reading :)

    you can catch me over @



  31. My boyfriend can do a seriously amazing impression of Janelle's Mom. Cracks me up.

    Hope you had a good turkey day :)

  32. HIGH HIGH, YOUR ALL HIGH! hahhaha LUV janelles mom - and im basically IN LOVE with your blog! so sorry if you get crazy amount of emails about comments, im not spamming you i promise im showing my luv! HAHA

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