Monday, November 26, 2012

My halls are decked.

Well, hey! It's been a hot minute since I've been around these parts, hasn't it?
Turns out that mixing a gluttonous holiday and a head cold from hell equates to something along the lines of a blogging vacation. Go figure.
Have no fear, I'm back and I have fun pictures to show you.
I know we all love pictures more than reading my random jib jab most days anyways.

So, while I was neglecting this sweet blog o' mine - here's what I was up to...

Friday my mom and I chose to ignore the fact that I was a walking germ ball and headed to the mall for a little Black Friday shopping. Really, I didn't do too much damage.
And then I saw these Ray Bans.....
Damage done.

Ella likes them too.

Saturday was painful to the 100th degree. 
If you don't know why, well, I watched the Florida State vs. Florida game and we lost horribly.
I still love my Noles...
Except now I owe this guy a week full of home cooked meals.
Womp womp. 

Yesterday my halls got decked, or something like that.
I went to a Christmas tree lot and picked out a cute little 4 1/2 footer - which I have named Charles.
(there's a tree on top of my car, for those of you who missed it... *uhem*KAIT*uhem*)

I wrapped Charles in some lights and a bunch of pink and gold ornaments.

I also put some balls in a vase.
Vase balls.

And I made my backdoor a little festive.

Andddddd, I got new lamps. These aren't holiday related at all but my living room is FINALLY coming together. My sofa, ottoman and tv stand get delivered on Thursday and I can't even describe how happy this makes me. Really though.

And really, that's it.
I'm moving real slow today thanks to having the last 5 days off. Oh, and my Florida blood is frozen this morning. Not that you Northerners have sympathy, or anything.

Alright, I'm out of here. See you tomorrow!


  1. Love those purty aviators and your Christmas decor.

    Seriously still depressed about the game, it was horrible to watch :( We'll get 'em next year though!

  2. I hope you are feeling better!!
    Your raybands are totally worth being a giant germ ball mall dweller!!

    I love your little christmas tree! I cant wait to deck my halls!!!

  3. Oh dear, I just had PTSD over that FSU game when I read this, UGHH!! Christmas is clearly the only thing that can make it better!

  4. I think the issue with the hidden tree is it lines up next to the big tree in the back and does a little camo for itself, sneaky sneaky Charlie. I'm sorry your time lost but that means my team won :-D hehe sorry

  5. I do not feel sadz for you and the cold weather. Not one little bit. But that reindeer sign makes me happy - as well as those lamps. Yummy yummy.

  6. Love your Christmas decorations! And your tree is so cute :)

  7. Hope you are feeling better, Whitney!

  8. Sweet ball vase. I do that too. Balls balls balls. Mine are not pink and gold though. I wish I had some pink in there.

    I love your lamp. I have the worst time finding lamps I adore.

  9. Because I love you, I won't comment on Saturday! :) I can't WAIT to see your couch and TV armorie. sooooo purty!

  10. love that you named the tree charles, i mean that's a perfect name. and those raybans...yes.

  11. Vase balls... Nice **pardon the immature giggling that happened when I read that**


  12. Love those Ray-Bans!!! Where is the cute reindeer sign from?

  13. Glad you are feeling better... and love the "vaseballs"!

  14. I must say, I am a midwestern-er..?..and we moved to Florida about six months ago...we live in Tampa and HOLY CRAP it is FREEZING. we have had our heat on for a few days now. I hate it :( So it is okay that your FL blood is frozen. Because it really is unseasonably cold for FL right now. Have you noticed though that it will be really really cold one day and the next day it will be super nice, and then the next go back to bone chilling? vierd. anyhow this is a really long winded comment about weather...but no one up north will listen that it really IS cold down here lol

  15. My husband and I did the same thing last year. Went out shopping for fun and had a very expensive, spontaneous purchase at Sunglasses Hut....whoops!

  16. your tree looks FAB! love those colors and the balls in the vase. I need me some balls in a vase!

  17. Like the lamps, and your little 4.5' tree looks adorable! I need like a three footer to put on a table!

  18. Ohh gurl your tree so cute! Love that little piggy ornament. I now need to get a vase and fill it with the balls. Duh. You iz pretty princess. Okay byez.

  19. Looks like you had a great weekend! Hope you're feeling better! Those lamps are SO CUTE!

  20. Ok LOVE the tree and you named him!!! Wonderful!!!

  21. Everything looks so cute - including you and pooch! :) I really cannot wait until next year when I have more SPUNK and ENERGY to spare on decorating more for Christmas. This year, it's just the tree and the stockings! Hah, thank you pregnancy!

  22. Want want wanntttt the reindeer crossing sign! Love. We totally watched the game at Tomahawks in Tally- in orange and blue. Worst. Idea. Ever.

  23. where did you get your living room furniture from? I need some. I just ordered curtins on overstock.

  24. Charles is very pretty...err handsome....ehhh I'm so confused. It's like Charles is some freaky :)

  25. I love all these festive posts from everyone! Your tree is awwwdorable and I love that you named him. Also, those sunglasses. I NEED.

  26. Pink and gold decorations?! LOVE!!!! I couldn't get away with that here. LoL

  27. I love the Christmas tree and your vase balls with the reindeer sign behind it!!!

  28. I think we are twinsies...disgusting sickness over the holidays and I live in Jax and it is FREEZING. I secretly love it, scarf weather!

  29. Love the shades and vase balls. I also get a small tree every year since we put it on our bay window, there isn't much room. I'd say my halls are 3/4 of the way decked, just missing the tree!

  30. You're right my dear! You get's ZERO northern sympathy from this girl. I was born in a desert for goodness sakes...and now I live in a place where I wake up in the am and its literally freezing...its only november...its gonna get worse before march....I should move....

  31. I'm still in denial about the game. I had to turn it off in fear that I would break the TV trying to slap Muschamp through it. SO MAD.

  32. I loved your decked halls! I so think imma pick up a clear vazzzzzzz and some ballzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and have some vazzzzzz ballzzzzzzzzzzz ;)

  33. I feel like the statement "I love lamp" is necessary right about now. And Charles is just the cutest little thing I ever did see!!!

  34. Love your pink and gold tree. And those lamps, those are reallll cute!

  35. Yeah I completely missed that tree on top of your car when I saw this on twitter/instagram. I thought you had gotten a new car. hhaha

  36. Nice balls....hehehe :P I really like your lamps! GREAT style/color. I'm working this week on decking my halls...with balls.

  37. your tree is presh and you look so cute in those sunglasses!

  38. Love the tree. Also,I'm pretty sure you drive a Rogue, which makes you awesome. and yeah, the game was painful and I'm raising my future babies as Gators, which should teach me to never bet on anything. Ever.

  39. Oh my gosh, your tree & decorations are adorbs! And you're a girl after my own heart...I can't pass up a pair of RayBans, either. Love.

  40. Love the Christmas decorations!

  41. Fantastic pictures! I just love your blog. I'm your newest follower. Would love for you to come follow back!

  42. Um, I missed the tree the first time too, thinking, why is she taking a picture in front of her car? Duh. LOL! And this Northerner feels --><-- that much sympathy. I'm only a few hours away from you and it is a bit chilly here in Georgia...but no where near as cold as Maryland and northern Pennsylvania were a few days ago when I had to free my arse off for two pups. Will you be in FL for Christmas? I'm coming down :)

  43. AHhh I didn't know you were a Florida girl too!! Even though I'm super stoked that my Gators won, I am also really excited to find out that one of my favorite bloggers is from FL! :)




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