Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My life has gone to the dogs.

Somewhere between the hours of 4 and 5am last night, during a fit of my routine insomnia, I got a pretty feisty evil eye from a 3 pound Maltese because I moved. 
So, naturally, I laid in the most uncomfortable, stiff position for the rest of the night to avoid being on the receiving end of those beady little evil eyes once again. Of course, it got me thinking...

My life has gone to the dogs.

These two dogs, to be specific.

The three of us share one king sized bed and somehow it seems I'm the one out of place.
I get kicked by Ella multiple times through the night, as if I'm invading HER space.
Maybe I belong on the floor? But then I'm pretty sure we'd have one empty king sized bed and one crowded floor. 
Riddle me that.

I've also become a literal human dog bed at some point during these last 6 years since bringing home my beloved first born, Ella.
Why lay in those pricey, plush little beds your human purchases when you can get a living, breathing human?
Clearly, these two are far too superior for something as juvenile as a dog bed.
Mom Bed, hashtag for the win.

Sleeping up to the last possible 20 minutes before work is only an option if I want to be late for work.
Because we have to do this for at least 15 minutes every morning.
This is normally when I scare my neighbors away with my desirable bed head and stylish jammies.
Shame? What shame?
Let's not forget, I'm the one with the dog who shedoobies on people's doorstep.

Any time I try and be all vain and send a girlfriend a mirror shot of an outfit I'm thinking about wearing, these two photo bomb me like a tourist at Disney.
I mean, what #ootd photo is complete without a dog's ass?
None of mine are, that's for damn sure.

I've also come to realize that no homemade meal is complete without this audience:
They're my biggest fans and I always get a standing ovation from them.
Even more so when they get in on the taste testing - but we try to keep that to a minimum.
You know, to avoid the whole sick as a dog thing.

They're just lucky they have snuggle skills that put most human's snuggle skills to shame. 


PS. I just realized, like an idiot, that tomorrow is my 100th post. If I get enough questions I'll do a vlog. Ask away... feel free to email, tweet and/or comment.


  1. I love them so so much. Rocky is always photobombing but I put him on the bed bc he can't jump down. Well, not sure if he "can't" but he is too spoiled that he refuses to so I have to pick him up. Those little suckers are worth it right? :)

  2. I just love those little guys. I get the look from the dogs in the morning. Usually the baby poodle is wailing at me to pick him up and put him back on the bed.

  3. So cute!! My dog is the same way...except he's a giant and takes up the whole bed. haha

  4. Aw, they are so cute!!! I want a dog so bad, but husband says not until we have a backyard. Totally love your outfit in that photo.


  5. Too stinking cute!!! My girls tear apart the dog beds, which results in them having to be thrown away, so then I feel guilty if I don't let them lay and sleep with me... It's all a big scheme!!

  6. Right there with you sister. My husband actually usually sleeps elsewhere because we only have a queen and me, him and two pugs who sleep on pillows like people are not always making it through the night in the same bed.

  7. HAHA! This is my life! Last night, I was minding my own business, catching up on Nashville on the DVR, when Cooper comes and jumps up on me. Then, five minutes later, Grace jumps up. All of a sudden I can hardly see the TV and can't hear it because I have to dogs sleeping (and snoring) on my chest. Ahh the joys of being a dog mom. :)

  8. I feel the same way about my dog. Since we bought and moved in to our house, he decided he needs to sleep in the bed with my fiance and I...and we have a Queen size bed...and he is a 45lb dog haha. But of course, he's always in the middle of the bed...spoiled rotten :)

  9. This is an awesomely true post. I don't have pups of my own, but my parents have two pups that are the exact same way. Gotta love 'em.

  10. They're so adorable! I completely sympathize, I feel like every minute that I'm not spent at school revolves around my dog. Taking him on walks, throwing the same toy across our 550 sq foot apartment over and over and over, trying to keep him from destroying everything nice that I own (and failing, of course), trying to keep him from barking just because he feels like it at midnight when I'm trying to do homework and my neighbors are trying to sleep. He's lucky he's so cute! Haha.

  11. My life has also gone to the dogs. One big brown one to be exact. She owns me so good.

    As for the vlog, I want to know how you stay so thin and beautiful? Thanks.

  12. they are so sweet! i love them photo bombing. so cute.
    happy 100th post tomorrow!
    uhh my question is... how did you build such a great following?

  13. They are soooo cute. I'm thinking that Boomer and I need a pet, but I've always been more of a cat person and our apt is small/I'm gone ALL day. Id feel like a bad dog mommy If I had one. Cats on the other hand do not give a damn lol.

  14. omgosh pearl does the SAME thing! in fact, she likes to also sleep on my pillow as if it's HER pillow. drives me nuts!

  15. Aw your pups are cute (: I wish I had little dogs.. then when they jumped up on the bed I wouldn't be squished flatter than a pancake by an 80lb lab and a 50lb ridgeback. Haha!
    Hmm, I can't think of any questions off the top of my head but I will think about it.

  16. My dog does the same thing. But she always makes me move over and sleeps on my side instead of the hubs! But your pups are adorbs.

  17. You make me want a dog! Or two...
    They are presh.

  18. So J's dog is a total human. He insists on laying under the covers and gives me the stank eye when I try and move him from my spot in bed. Let's not even start with him barking in the middle of the night and giving me a freaking HEART ATTACK! Scared the shit out of me the first time it happened. But he does get so excited when you ask him if he wants to go for a ride and he is the BEST damn cuddler ever! Questions! hmmm...Most embarrassing moment.

  19. Lily approves. She wants to be besties with Ella and Sebbs so they can teach her their ways. She feels like she's behind on the curve. Also, I want another doggy. I needz two. Hashtag crazydoglady. Question for your vlog: What the eff am I going to write about on Friday? Why do you live in Florida? When are you going to come to Denver ;) Why are you so funny? Ok I'll stopppp! hashtag kthanksbye

  20. My boyfriend's black lab was happy with her large plush dog bed until I brought home a new puppy who cries unless she's in the bed with us. So now there's two adults, a black lab, and little pup all in one King sized bed. I can't stand to banish them to the floor because of the sad little faces they make. So it's one huge slumber party now!


  21. Oh, this post is so funny. I have a pitbull (Smokey) who I encounter all the same issues with. Except, he's 70 lbs of dead weight and we sleep in a twin bed. He sleeps under the covers with me, because that's what humans do, and he's %100 positive that he is one. I have a question! If you had to do one thing as a career for the rest of your life, what would it be? :)

  22. Dogs are the best, even when they're not haha

  23. I love your blog and this post reminds me why I started following you to begin with. haha Your little girls remind me of my Kimber who's a Malshi (maltese shihtzu) I would loovvee to add another furbaby to our mix but the hubs keeps bashing my suggestions. Damn him. I hate being told "no"

    p.s. vblog should clearly involve the pups video bombing. It's only appropriate. :)

  24. Riddle me this. bahaha. I love you.

  25. vlog with some winez.

    i love the puppies - the BOY and the girl.

    Sophie is a little witch, but she prefers to be called a queen. Do NOT break her sleep patterns, you will get bitten.

    hashtag crazy eyes.

  26. I feel like Bailey has skype dates with your girls to conspire ways on how to conquer the bed. Yup, I'm certain of it!

  27. hahaha this is HILARIOUS! My dog is the same way... all 3 pounds of him. Must be the maltese! As I type... Ace is chewing up my expensive bottle of hair stuff. I would care except he already pretty much destroyed the nozzle, so when I spray it, it literally goes in every direction. Dogs.

  28. I have a question! WHY are you so awesome? Seriously. Your use of GIFS has me in tears (of laughter) so frequently. =)

  29. Story of my life. All of it.
    To more important things, WHERE did you get that SOOOOOOCUUUUTE skirt?

  30. Oh my gahh I love this post.

    Harlow sleeps horizontal across my head. And of course I don't move him like ever.

  31. here's a question: do you love me more than you have ever loved anyone else? Ever?

  32. this sounds exactly like my life. well, except for the fact that my nugget is 60 lbs.

  33. You puppies are so cute! One of my kitties likes to sleep on my head! I think I've gotten used to it now...

  34. LOL!!!!!! I TOTALLY understand what you are talking about! My 84 pound bulldog manages to creep himself up right behind my knees every night...and if I so happen to move my pinky toe he LOSES it, so I'm typically stuck on my side all night in the must uncomfortable position ever. haha! This post was great, and I love the photobomb lol!

  35. That outfit is too girlie. I love it on you! & those fur babies of yours is too cute & sweet minus trying to steal the whole bedl!

  36. My life is also ruled by a dog - a 32lb Staffordshire Terrier who huffs and puffs if you move around too much in the bed. She also prefers to be under the down comforter with mom and dad as opposed to snuggled up in her own fancy doggy bed. What is it with these creatures? :)

  37. Your dogs are adorable! I am a total dog lover too! :) New follower. xo



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