Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The worst blog post ever.

Let's talk about the day I went to work with my hair looking like a small birds nest.

The day in which I didn't show my beloved interwebz space any love until nearly 6PM.

The day that seemed to take longer to get through than it takes Florida to count some votes.

The day I ate a Chickfila kids meal in my car during lunch time because I just didn't feel like being around people.

The day I opened the fridge when I got home and vaguely remembered I had placed this full glass of boxed chardonnay in there last night 30 minutes after I took a dose of Melatonin.

The day I drank the glass of boxed chard that had been sitting in my fridge for somewhere around a 20 hour timeframe. 

The day Sebby decided to take a shedooby on my new neighbor's doorstep and I didn't have a baggy to pick it up so I scooped it to the side with a stick. 

Also the day Sebby's leash dropped from my hand which startled him into running through this apartment complex, continuing because he's afraid of the leash handle dragging behind him, me trailing behind him dragging Ella for about 1/4 of a mile.

The day I ate leftover sushi in my bed for dinner. Like a S-L-O-to the-B. 

Let's talk about the day I wrote the worst blog post ever.

PS. I want to do a vlog. Someone ask me some questions (comment or email works) to answer on a vlog so we can talk about that day I did a vlog some day. Some day when my roots aren't so bad I appear to be rocking a fail ombre.... or fombre.
My homeboy Julienne is hooking a sister up Friday.


  1. Sounds like tomorrow is going to be amazing because today was so craptastic!
    and p.s you always look amazing :)
    love your new chair & side table missy, they're so girlie and beautiful!

    kiss your pups from Auntie Fer

  2. You iz one hot piece of ace! Umm can we pleaseee do a skype to practice vlogging and then maybe I will finally do a hair tutorial that everyone and their mother has asked for for months? Mehh. I'm still at work and the box o' wine is calling my name! I really wanted Chick fil a for brekkie and discovered there is not one anywhere near my home or work. SUCK. Toodles xoxox

  3. At least there's chilled wine to save the day ;) For the question, what's your most worn piece of clothing/accessory this fall?

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  4. I laughed several times at your it was not the worst! I can just imagine the doggies! :) Too cute!

  5. This post is a great one - I'm highly entertained. CHEERS - raising my glass (second one) of chardo to your pretty face.

    YES to the vlog. I have been thinking about one too and.... no clue on what to SAY.

  6. Hahaha! You're so cute. Hope tomorrow is better!!!

    It will be. :)

  7. i thought this was a great blog post. i can honestly say that each and every line was legit funny. those are always the ones, right? do the accent vlog. i always love those. am i weird?

  8. That sounds like a perfect day to me, especially the finding of wine. Newish follower. Love your blog :)

    -Nicole @

  9. I wish we could do a My Drunk Kitchen vlog together. Hannah would be so proud of us.

  10. Some days are just flat out poopy woopy. But once in a while - no makeup or hair or regular clothes or good food is just what the doctor ordered!

  11. if it involves ponytails, pups and box wine, there is no way it could be the worst blog post ever! those are all main components to greatness!


  13. At least you got to enjoy some wine if nothing else :)

  14. I laughed and thought "Wow she had a bad day. Glad my puppies are behaving today." Then it happened. Riley ran as fast as he could away from me.

    Oh and FOMBRE Lol love it

  15. Hilarious. Particularly the shedooby cleanup and the quick trot through the complex. I've been there and it's a scenario that requires a wine follow up.

  16. Perfect. I actually LOL'd at this post more than 3 times. Awesomely funny!

  17. hahaha. awesome. sounds like my day.

  18. Hey birds nest or not you still rocked that shiz!
    PS I wanna glass of that... share?

    What is your favorite place?
    Favorite wine?
    If you were a drink what would you be and why?
    Scared of the dark?
    What annoys you?
    What's the meanest thing you have ever done?

    Eh answer one or all they are kinda stupid and I have had too much purse wine tonight!

  19. boxed wine doesn't get refridgerated?
    I knew you'd come around with a blog post Whitney....

  20. Vlog! yes please. Drink a bottle of chard and discuss your favorite foods. That is my suggestion.

  21. You are hilarious! I love following you! Glad I found another Maltese and wine loving gal through blogging.
    Northern Belle Diaries

  22. If you do a vlog, I'll do a vlog. : )

  23. LMAO....oh, girl I've had that day. It's a gong show to live through, but it makes for great writing material.

    Great writing!

  24. Well I'll be damned, I eat in my car when I don't wanna be near anyone, too! Just me and music.. oh, and food. Except screw the kids meal.. I want the massive combo.

  25. Oh honey, I am so glad someone else has days like that. Hope today is better!

  26. Why the hell can't Florida get their shit together?

  27. In the words of old southern women....BLESS YOUR HEART :)

  28. Leftover sushi?! :) Lol. We don't do that out here in Oklahoma. Your post made me giggle.

  29. I only have one question -- can we be friends in real life? K? Thanksssss!!

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