Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Real Housewife Bootcamp

Looky here, looky here.
I'm back from my 10-day bootcamp.
Wait, what bootcamp?

Well, I've been training to be a Real Housewife and it's tough stuff, let me tell you.
Especially when part of that title is completely irrelevant. Aka the whole "wife" part.
Small details.

My drill sergeants have been kicking my ass big time...
They demanded I spend copious amounts of time in bed and/or lounging on the sofa like a waste of life. I wasn't allowed to be productive in any manor and if I didn't have a cocktail in my hand by 4pm I was nearly licked to death. See? I told you, tough stuff.

Really though, waking up before the sun was up this morning was rough.
I managed to successfully waste my life away for 10 days straight and I have the piles of unanswered emails and unfinished client work to prove it.
I believe I very well may be qualified for a PhD in procrastination after this 10-day bootcamp. Never in my life have I lied to myself by using the phrase "Tomorrow, I'll definitely get that done. Definitely." so many times. 
I just could. not. find that spark inside of me to ignite my productivity fire. Sorry.

After all of that training, I am positive I'm ready to be a stay at home dog mom Real Housewife though I'm not sure there's any training in the world that could prepare my liver for such a career.
Either way, my housewifeperson brain is ridiculously foggy today and I'm not even sure why I'm trying to post today. I guess I just feel a little bad because it's the new year and I've yet to even mention that. So, yeah, Happy New Years to all of you lovely people.

I'm going to go pretend like I'm working now.


  1. My productive spark - so not lit either. I'm also pretending like I'm working. Because, you know, commenting on blogs is sorta a little tiny bit like working on my client's social media campaigns in a round about way.

    Happy New Year!

  2. HAH Its okay to be working on your housewife dreams/goals like that! You need to be prepared...just in case!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Rough life :)
    Glad you got some time to train

  4. I'd be scared if those little faces were staring up at me too ;) Pretty damn intimidating if you ask me!

  5. Where do I sign up for this bootcamp?

  6. Sign me up for that bootcamp, I want in!

  7. New Years Resolution - Contact Bravo and give them a compelling story about the Real Housewives of Orlando. Is it a requirement to be rich to be on there? If so, shizzzze.

  8. I vote stay at home dog mom as well...I actually tweeted the same thing this morning. Im starting my campaign to the hubs today.

  9. If we're talkin' Real Housewives here, which show which you be on? This might be a future post, you future reality star you.

  10. Sounds like my kind of bootcamp!

  11. I just love those little faces. They make my heart sparkle

  12. can i be one too? it would be real nice if someone would pay me to stay at home and eat chocolate and play with puppies.

  13. Your dogs just always make me smile, and this post was just hilarity. Hope they didn't rough you up too bad, you need to have enough energy to heat up some Bagel Bites and pour that glass of wine.

  14. Your dogs are adorable. That's all there is to it :)

  15. If only the training could continue!

  16. haha. I've found it really hard to find motivation these past couple weeks as well! But seriously, every time I see your doggies I just can't handle all this cuteness.

  17. Least productive work day ever in America.

  18. How cute are the puppies!

  19. I spent all day yesterday lying around...i think it's a relaxation technique our bodies make us do...or in your case the trainers at the bootcamp..which sounds grueling by the way :) Happy New Year!!

  20. ugh...I feel ya! This morning was bruuuuutal. work is completely overrated! here's to aspiring stay-at-home-housewives/pupmoms/whatever I need to call myself to actually just stay at home all the time! :)

  21. Ha ha those are adorable drill sergeants!!

  22. i sadly didn't have 10 days off, but it was still super rough returning to work. i feel ya!!

  23. ah your dog is so adorable!!

    Kamila x

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