Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Facts of Whitty

On Sunday I announced that today was going to be hosting a one time only linkup and today is the day! 
Let's hope it's not a major fail. (fact - I'm pretty self conscience like that)
I'm a very nosey blog reader, admittedly. I'm the blog reader who sees an 'about me' page and immediately clicks it before I even read the initial post. When I see a blogger do the occasional "catch up" about me post, my heart fluffs up and I hear angels sing.

In attempts to get more acquainted with my readers I thought it would be really fun to have an about me type of linkup, so here we are...

Let's talk about facts, baby!

Fact - I love hot sauce. Crystal hot sauce, to be specific. 
Though I prefer to call it cristal, like the fancy champagne.
If it was socially acceptable I would carry a bottle in my purse. Unfortunately TSA wasn't too amused last time I tried to get through security with hot sauce in my carry-on.

Fact - My hair is naturally curly. And I hate it.
Not to say I don't love curling my hair, obviously, but my natural curls are out of control and don't listen to a thing I have to say to them.
It's even worse when I blow-dry it.
Unfortunate, really. 
Also, sometimes I send my friends photos like this.

Fact - I was adopted by my dad. When I was 7, to be exact.
My mom is my biological mom and she is kind of a saint.

Fact - I'm a nail biter. And yes, I know that it's gross and really germy.
If you try to explain how gross it is to me I will only tune you out, I guarantee you won't be telling me anything my grandmother hasn't already tried telling me for the last 20+ years.
I'm an anxiety stricken woman, it's what I do.  

Fact - I hate vegetables. Mostly the green ones.
I love corn, peas, and green beans. That's about it. Brussel sprouts and asparagus are my ideas of torture by food. Even covered in hot sauce, they still suck.
My dad used to force me to sit at the table until my brussel sprouts were gone... Luckily we had a German Shepard who would eat anything covered in meat sauce. Thanks, buddy.

Fact - I drink just about everything from a straw. Even wine.
Drinking from a straw makes everything better. Also, I once heard it makes you get drunk faster. So, there's that.
Sometimes I also drink water from a wine glass.
Just call me Nene Leakes.

Fact - I picked up a bobby pin off of my bathroom floor and put it in my hair yesterday.
Lord knows how long that little bobby had been on the floor.
What can I say? I'm dripping in class.

Fact - Potatoes are my favorite. Sweet potatoes are a disgrace.
The fact that these two are in the same family blows my mind. In a bad way.

Fact - I'll do anything for my friends. I'm insanely bias.
If you hurt or gang up on one of my best friends there's a good chance I'll be standing right behind them feeling equally as hurt and/or pissed.

Fact - Speaking of being hurt and/or pissed, I'm a grudge holder.
I've been that way for 25 years and I'm pretty sure it'll never change.

Fact - I have really weird hips. They make the craziest popping noises.
It freaks most of my friends out. I kind of love popping them though. Sorry I'm not sorry.
I'm pretty sure it's from years of competitive dance.
I was also forced to be a tap dancing hippo once. Scarred for life.
All I wanted was to be the teddy bear. I still hate the bia that got that costume. (see? grudge holder)

Fact - I have big monster feet. Size 9's.
Don't be offended that I called them monster feet if you have 9's or bigger.
Big feet, big foundation.

Fact - I'm a song and movie repeat offender. Over and over and over, it's the name of my game.
It takes a lot to get me to grow tired of a favorite movie or song.
When I'm on a kick with a song or a movie, watch out, it isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Fact - Doing laundry hurts me. However there are no words for how much I love a clean kitchen.
I would rather clean the kitchen of a frat house than do 1 load of laundry.

Fact - I used to be a child actress/model. Real life, I was.
I used to do work for Disney, Nickelodeon (when they were stationed here in Orlando), and lots of other smaller companies. It was fun but the best part was that I once met Aaron Carter and got to do a bit with him for Big Help Day on Nick. I thought my life was complete. No, I knew it was complete.
Don't worry kid, we're going to make it big one day.

Fact - Braces ruined said acting/modeling career.
Womp womp.
But I guess it's cool that I have straight teeth now. Fame would have been cooler though.
You know, because I was definitely going to hit it big time and be a star. Stay tuned.
Eff you, braces.

Fact - I go through major food phases. Like a small child.
I'll eat Bagel Bites every single day for the next 3 months. Then we will have a dramatic, soap opera like, breakup and I will be done with them for a long time.

Fact - I ended up at Florida State because of my high school sweetheart. Who later slayed my fragile little teenage heart.
Yep, it's true. I moved for a damn dude.
And people wonder why I'm such a cold hearted little bizzle now. You're welcome for this insight.

Fact - I hate finishing the last of products. My shower is full of bottles with just 1 or 2 uses left in them.
It's a real issue. I am a freak.

Fact - I got the idea for this linkup when I was in the shower. I also got the idea for this blog and blog name in the shower.
Apparently I think a lot when I'm showering.

So, what are your fun facts?
The Facts of Me


  1. I share your hot sauce obsession. It's on my list, but I also ate Frank's Hot Sauce out of an espresso cup with a tiny spoon last night. I also go through your food phase thing with mustard. Right now, we're in the love phase. I also love that you were a child model/star/actress/Nickeloden-super-queen. Nick was my jam, so I'm sure I saw you.

  2. I also drink EVERYTHING with a straw...and tend to drink water out wine glasses! I love this link up I think its brilliant as I am also a super nosey person/blogger I want to be all up in the BIZNAS of everyone else!!!

  3. I'm a straw drinker too! In the mornings I will be drinking coffee through a straw and everyone is all like... "is that pop in a coffee cup?" ahaha!

  4. Hot sauce and FSU. You're one of my favorite people in the world right now!

  5. Girl-- I'm the same way with food. I'll eat the same thing every day for a month then not again for like six. And I was obsessed with Nickelodeon when I was a kid-- I'm sure I saw you on tv!! :)

  6. HAH my 10 year old self is jealous that you have met Aaron Carter!

  7. For a LOT of these, I was like "OMG ME TOO!!" but I can't remember what they all were now and I'm too lazy to scroll back up and find them again. Haha. But I'm definitely obsessive when it comes to songs/movies/tv shows (playing them over and over again, that is) and my husband was also adopted by his dad when he was 5...so we'll call those my favorite facts. :) I love this linkup!

  8. I do my best thinking in the shower! Maybe the steam makes my brain work? Who knows. I also hate most veggies, but luckily my family has gotten used to it, so I don't get made fun of anymore. My in-laws, however, treat me like a five-year-old.

  9. Holla. I am in love with the fact that you were a child actress and model. You are the cutest kid ever. That pic of the tap dancing hippo is going on my phone. I love it.

  10. it's like needles to my eyes reading that you don't eat your greens or like sweet potatoes!! haha only kidding... but seriously, girl, come over to our house and we'll show you how good they can be (clearly you haven't had properly cooked brussels sprouts, in maple syrup and bacon fat of course :P)


  11. I am the same way on food! I will become obsessed with one kind of food and eat it nonstop for a few months, then never want to touch it again for at least a year. It's so strange, but probably never going to change!

  12. I hate vegetables and finishing the last of products too. And I definitely do my best thinking in the shower. Doesn't everyone?!

  13. maybe fave post ever. I just read it about 3 times. I am nosy and love all of this. especially the stuff i didn't know before. and one day, when you are famous, I will say I knew you when.

  14. I have naturally curly hair, monster feet, and am a nail biter! I also get my best ideas in the shower. Unfortunately, I usually forget them before I have a chance to write them down :) Excited to link up today. New follower!

  15. My 11 year old self is super jealous of you meeting Aaron. Ain't no party like an Aaron Carter party!!!
    I also bite my nails and have for about 15 years. I can do really good for a week or so, then I either forget to take my anxiety medicine or something happens and b'bye progress.

  16. Can we start mailing and swapping shoes with each other because I have size 9 monsters as well

  17. Amazing link up! You need to have more of these ideas in the shower :) Love being nosy!

    I never finish the last of the products! Probably have half a dozen bottles around with just a bit of product left in them! It is a weird thing, glad we can be weird like that together!


  18. I have size 11 feet :) hope that makes ya feel better hehe

  19. I loved this linkup. Thank you for your shower brainstorming. People love knowing shit like this, and I love thinking hmmm, what can I put as my facts of me.

    I'm sad you hate the asparagus and the brussels.

  20. I totally agree with you regarding hot sauce. Love it. But only if its screaming hot! And oh my I couldn't agree more that sweet potatoes and reg potatoes are most def not related!

  21. we have the same hair. that is EXACTLY what mine looks like air dried and i don't think i've ever known anybody who had the same hair as me....some days, i want to shave my head i hate it so much. i feel your pain sister....

    and i have no less than 6 bottles of shampoo & conditioner upside down on my shower ledge right now...weirdos.

  22. tap dancing hippos are pretty awesome!

  23. I hate using the last of anything, I throw it away or jam it under my bathroom sink...its a graveyard of half used bottles down there.

  24. I hate sweet potatoes. I have no idea why they even exist. However, I love sweet potato fries....I don't know whats wrong with me.

  25. I hateeee laundry. And you are still such a gorgeous kid with braces! I was such a tool! My hair is curly too and I sometimes drink water out of a wine glass :) But I hate potatoes. Can we still be friends?

  26. All I have to say is... I love straws. But you already knew that. and yes - drinking alcohol thru a straw gets you drunk faster :) Congrats on 97 link ups too! Holy moly thats amazing!

  27. I hate vegetables too! How do you stay so thin without eating them? Do share!

  28. This was my first link-up and it was fun! You should do more.

  29. omg! my hairz and your hairz could be twinz. LOLZ.

    Okay, enough effing z's. Love this post and was happy to join you today :)

  30. I am also a repeat song/movie offender. Sweet Home Alabama on TV? Believe I'm gonna watch it. Great link up idea - shower power!

  31. LOVED reading your facts! I'm a repeat movie offender and food obsessor as well. I had fun with this link-up!

  32. I'm a song/movie offender too. I've been listening to this depressing Gary Alan song and watching Pitch Perfect for WEEKS now. I need some new material in my life. Thanks for hosting this link up, I've had so much fun meeting new bloggers!! You da best!!

  33. I am totally jealous you got to meet Aaron Carter!! He was supposed to be my husband when I was 9 years old hahahah

  34. I didn't think it was even possible to have more stuff in common with you. I loathe laundry, but I cannot stand a dirty kitchen. Also, I hate vegs. Why do they have to be so gross? Luzzz you!

  35. I love this link up because I'm a nosey nancy. LOVE it.

    That hippo outfit is adorable and the totally 90s backdrop is cracking me up.

  36. I'm a big foot with you - is it just me or can shoes look really cute at size 7 or 8, but they get to a 9 and they look like clown shoes?! And I can't ever bring myself to finish beauty products ever. And then I keep hoarding them - what the heck?

  37. LOVE this link up, we have alot in common apparently! like our love for friends, i also hate/love my curls, were both pretty classy in the bobby pin dept, but when you need a bobby pin, you need a bobby pin!!

  38. Wow did this turn out to be a big linkup!! I think I can agree with almost every fact you posted...especially hot sauce, the hip thing, grudges, song/movie repeat offender, veggies and the HAIR. I'm with you on this one. As much as I love curls, my hair drives me nuts. Especially if you get a bad cut...don't even get me started!!

    thanks for the linkup :)

  39. I just think we should be best friends. I love that hippo costume!

  40. Love love love you, my little Nene the II. Just so you know, I thought it was pretty amazing that you were adopted by your dad. I was adopted by mine when I was six. I had a "sperm donor" prior to that, if you get what I'm laying down.

  41. You coulda been Hannah Montana yo. And I could be Lilly, but I think I'd be too old.

    Also, I'm very embarrassed that I know these things.

  42. I am obsessed with Sriracha...best hot sauce ever. Also I often pick my birth control up off the floor and take it (those pop-out pill packets are a struggle, yo), so in comparison a Bobby pin doesn't seem so bad.

  43. Thanks for the linkup idea, it's great! I have size 11's and having monster feet is no fun! Finding cute shoes that are not running shoes are very hard, would you agree?!?

  44. I found your blog through Kimmy and fact....you may be my new favorite blogger. I love your quick wit and humor!

    Will be linking up soon...come check out my blog. stewartstreetblog.com

  45. You were the cutest kid ever. I looked like a Chuckie doll when I was a kid. Also my 7th grade self is beyond PISSED that you got one-on-one time with Aaron Carter. Some girls have all the luck.

  46. 151 link-ups. You are a shining star my little princess. I learned so many about yo face.. like dat it was real cute when you were a child. Unlike me who looked like a boy. My nail biting is out of control and my mom slaps my hands when she's around me and it drives me effing crazy.

  47. Tell me you were on Double Dare and I'll consider you famous. That was my shit back in the day.

    I do the same exact thing with food. I do it with cereals the most. Only one cereal for months on and and then BAM, one day I feel like I'd puke if I are it ever again and we move on to the next.

  48. In real life, you and I would get along so well. And now I really want some bagel bites. Thanks for that.

  49. Oh no, a tap dancing hippo? Ha ha! I teach tap and I picked out cute little dresses for them. I only pick things that I would have drooled over as a 6 year old. I don't want to scar them for life!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  50. glad i found this with the blog hop on "today was a fairytale" blog. hope you take a peak at mine and i too drink water or juice or soda from a wine glass at times too...when all my other cups are in the dishwasher. my blog: http://myeloquentrambles.blogspot.com/

  51. Bahaha this post is the best. And I agree w/ you in so many ways. I'm a big time nail biter, too, and I will definitely tune anyone out who talks about it.

    I'm sad I'm wayyyy down in the list but that means I can spend the day reading other ppls blogs haha :)

  52. Well knowing about the child model experience now makes sense to why you are oh-so-prettylicious and are an amazeballs photographer. You go girl, you work that lens!

  53. Tap dancing hippo. I don't even know what to say to that picture- other than that is quite honestly the best thing I have ever seen. I mean in all seriousness, teddy bears aren't even that cool. Hippos on the other hand.

    More link up's in the future pleasssseeee?! :)

  54. loooove this and had so much fun participating!! i'm also notorious for refusing to finish products. i have one million upside down containers of conditioner and lotion. your dance pic is the best. related - i have to crack my chest bone/clavicle/whatever at least once a day and it totally grosses everyone out. and of course - baby glasses kids are the best. means we're way smart.
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  55. I am the same way about potatoes - I tried them again last year and wanted to spit them out, that thing is not a potato

  56. OMG I feel the exact same way about potatoes and sweet potatoes! People are always like “how can you love potatoes but hate sweet potatoes” umm because they are NOT the same thing!!

  57. Oh my goodness, I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog today. You completely made my day. I share several fun facts with you but I think the biggest one is the movies and songs. Definitely an addict, no I take that back I'm just one of the only people who truly appreciates them. (The first step is denial right?!?) Anyways, great job! I am sad I didnt see this until today, but maybe Ill have time to still link up!

    -Pharmer Girl

  58. I also think a lot in the shower. All potatoes are actually nasty though inmyhumbleopinion. I also hate finishing the last of things! you are not alone!

  59. I love this post!! I also do my best thinking in the shower. And the car. I can only eat sweet potatoes in the form of the casserole...mostly due to the butter and sugar, ya know. Otherwise, no. Gimme real potatoes! Excited to link up with this post!


  60. at lease you are saving your teeth when you drink thru a straw ;)just sayin....

  61. I cant believe you got to meet Aaron Carter!! hahaha amazing.

  62. I think we're insanely similar - and we have the same hair, but in different colors!
    I too, love potatoes and hate sweet potatoes. Everyone else seems to find this fact weird. They are NOT the same thing! I also hate laundry. It seems like such a waste of time, especially when you have to fold or iron stuff. Hate it.

    So excited for this link up!

  63. HAHAHA i don't even know WHERE TO BEGIN with this comment. Everything, EVERYthing up there is amazing. Just makes my obsession with you grow a little bit. You are seriously hilarious...and that picture of you as a dancing hippo? Almost fell off the couch I was laughing so hard. This was the BEST IDEA ever. You rock, Whitney my dear!

  64. GAH - i've never met a carb i didn't like.
    sweet potato or otherwise.

  65. Great link-up. This was a lot of fun!!

    I also have naturally curly hair, but mine is different than yours so I tolerate it. :)

    You were a gorgeous child. You know what? Nix all that past tense stuff. You are gorgeous, child. :)

  66. And you worried this link up wouldn't be successful! I had no post planned today and I am totally linking up when I get home later. BTW I have size 9 feet too and they are freaking monsters. I don't care what anyone says.

  67. The hippo... I DIE!!!! You are so cute though, I love it. I would have loved to be a child star on Nickelodeon, luckyyyyy! ugh and I feel ya on the wavy hair front, it's just gross! (I just bought me some hair extensions, mostly prompted by your tutorial, and the fact that I have zero hairs ;))

  68. Awesome post! I'm also a nail biter and a hater of green vegetables. And I looove straws!


  69. Wish I was this creative... My list seems boring now!! I love this!

  70. Oh my, LOVE your post! So funny! I just found your blog today via Helene in Between and I love it so far! I'm now following! I want to link up too, if I can get my act together enough to write a post today. :)

  71. Dude. You had me at monster feet.

    I know officially love you.

    And P.S. I'm going to go out on a limb and say with the 8 million gals that linked up, your idea was a success. No need to be self conscious. :)

  72. Very interesting post. I enjoyed reading it.

    I've picked up many a bobby pin off the floor. When you need one, you need one.

    Sweet potatoes make me vomit. Seriously. And who decided that sweet potato fries were a good idea? They're blasphemous.

  73. Hahaha - I walked into walk the other day and on the way to my classroom I saw a bobby pin and a hair bobble so I picked it up. I knew it was mine because I always attach them the same way and they all fall out my pocket but I still looked around to see who had seen me hahah - GUILTY!

    Also, I like to think in the shower. It's always the best place to be quiet.

    New follower - love the blog!

  74. This was a great idea, Whitney!! Love all the facts! I know exactly what you mean with the weird hips - I always pop mine in and out and it freaks people out. Hope you have a great day :)

  75. good lord do you know how much I cherish you?! and these facts. monster feet. I love it!

  76. loved learning more about you! I added you to my reader. I'm at www.leahstp.blogspot.com

  77. A friend of mine will drink beer from the bottle with a straw because she's terrified of someone bumping into her in the bar and smashing her teeth on the bottle. So, I think your straw drinking is really just a safety precaution. You didn't spend all those years in braces to mess up your teeth now! Although my teeth did not ruin a budding acting career, I might have you beat. I had braces for 4 years (after a few surgeries..I think I had teeth growing into my head or something). I got them off the summer before my senior year of high school. I was ecstatic...a boy even asked me out. THEN, a few weeks later my orthodontist PUT THEM BACK ON. Yes, I had braces twice...scarring.
    Penniless Socialite
    Massive Group Giveaway!

  78. I had so much fun participating in this linkup!!! Thanks for hosting! I drink everything out of a straw pretty much also. Just tastes better, and my teethies are sensitive so it keeps the cold/hot off em. Only think I can't drink from a straw is my beloved beer... It just doesn't taste right! Hahah.

  79. I'm pretty sure with 250+ link ups, you don't have to worry about it being a fail! Great idea! :) I love me some potatoes yummmmmm

  80. i love the story of your childhood, the pictures are just lovely :)

    new follower.

  81. Wow, I never knew that you did work for Disney and Nickelodeon. What type of stuff did you do. Were you in any shows? That picture of you as a little girl is adorable! You just look like a child star there.

    I will watch movies over and over, too. Especially "Mean Girls", haha. That movie never gets old. :)

  82. I just tried to look you up on IMDB...and then remembered that I don't know your last name and that IMDB really wasn't out a long time ago. You should make a page (if you secretly don't already have one) and then start acting and modeling again. Because you're hilarious and gorgeous. And I'd watch a movie with you in it.

  83. I had that exact same hippo dance costume for a dance recital when I was little too! It was horrible and my mom was so pissed; apparently she didn't enroll her little girl in ballet just to have to dressed as a hippo on stage.

  84. Holy crap this link up was successful!!! I think we have a lot in common. :) size 11 here...

  85. OMG!! My hair dries just. like. that!! I thought I was the only one!!! Without straightener or curl product, it just looks craptastic :)


  86. I love straws! It's totally true that everything tastes better through a straw.

    That's so cool that you were a child actress/model! Disney & Nick are some pretty big names! =) Also, super cool that you got to meet Aaron Carter, I would have been totally star struck, haha.

  87. I love love love this post some many facts about a new bloggie friend well I hope we can be friends I am nice really I am trust me just ask anyone who doesn't know me and they will tell you I am nice............just don't ask my family they tell the truth.........I mean they don't know me that well........that sounds better doesn't it.......

    No you should do what I do empty all the containers with only a tiny bit left in them into one container just don't mix up the shampoo and conditioner with the soap that is silly and yucky...........and I forgot what I was saying so lets move on.........

    I don't like a lot of vegies I do love my potato and I like sweet potato if it is baked (cooked in oil) the same with pumpkin and I also like corn but not on the cob and peas........but that is all........cauliflower is the one that makes me gag because as a child I was made to sit and eat it while my dad watched and yelled...........now I really hate it all the more............

    Ok I have rambled on enough for one post............

  88. just stumbled across your blog. i love your writing! it's hilarious. thanks for sharing your fun facts. (i go through food phases, too!)

  89. Whitney you did it again!! Hilarious post number one million :-) Love this, BTW- I have a serious issue finishing products too. And the food breakup thing after being obsessed for three months? Guilty. And hey, we all have done silly things for a boy. Just call us, girls!!

    :-) Love the link up!

    XO Jenna

  90. This comment has been removed by the author.

  91. ummm okay first of all, you are incredibly funny and entertaining. i think i just fell in love with your blog and i am now going through all of your older posts. is that creepy? haha sorry.
    and second, i find bobby pins on the floor all the time and i use them too. i'm all like, "ah hah! perfect. just what i was looking for."
    girl problems. it happens to the best of us :)

    following for sure!

    The DayLee Journal

  92. I LOVE your model pictures!!!!
    You were and STILL are so freaking beautiful!

    And I hate finishing products, too. It sends me into panic mode!

  93. I have one of those wine glasses/ grown folk dippy cups that came WITH a straw. I love it for the quickened buzz and because it's way klassier AND people don't give me "Looks" for drinking wine with a straw. I'm supposed to -- the glass said so!

  94. Such cute pictures! I drink so many things out of a straw too! I did it once at a bar with beer and my guy friends were like, "Are you kidding me??" haha. Cute blog! Checkout my blog if you get a chance, and follow if you like what you see!

    A Pop of Style

  95. i am a total grudge holder too! it's never a good idea to piss me off! lol! and i always say that i don't eat anything green. let's face it, vegetables are nasty!

  96. I have a graveyard of empty-ish shampoo and conditioner bottles in my bathroom right now. I'm allergic to throwing anything like that away.

    New follower! Love your blog and can totally relate to your curly hair woes.


  97. My hips pop also! Maybe it's from years of gymnastics. I don't know but have a feeling I'll need a hip replacement by age 40... oh and everything tastes better out of a straw!

  98. I don't think you need to worry about the success of this link-up! Really enjoyed it!

  99. Another child star?!? I wonder if you were ever my competition. Doubt it, since you got to grow up in warm sunny Florida and I got stuck with snow. Jealous. And it sounds like you were much more successful than me haha.

  100. I always do good thinking in the shower, then I forget it all when I come out.

    And hell yeah girl - congrats on the link-up. You did aweeeeeesome!

  101. This whole thing made me laugh so much. I have big monster feet too, but mine are even bigger - 10, sometimes 11, and wide to boot. It sucks for trying to find shoes. I love the 'big feet, big foundation' thing though. I had a blast learning about you and so many other bloggers today. This just might be my new favourite blog! Thanks for putting this together. :-)

    Marie @ Lost and Found ~ Reflections of a Daydreamer

  102. Just found your blog and I love this!!

    I think i need to start drinking from straws too.
    Also, I have size 5 feet - it is hard to find heels that fit!

  103. Holy shit balls. I'm gonna say that this was not a fail. And you and me are on the same level with laundry. Loathe that chore.

  104. great great link up!! loved visiting other blogs and reading their facts!!!!

    the tapping hippo....i just cant. hahaha that is amazing. you have fabulous life stories

    an old dance class, barney came and posed for pics with us and one bratty girl in my class kept punching his little nub. His nub being his balls area, since he was such a cheap barney costume it looked like a nub. Awkward

  105. I did the same thing with a bobby pin this morning. I tell no lies... Oh well. PS I just linked up for this today. I know I know. It was supposed to be yesterday but I came down with some sort of itis and ...eh you know! Love this link up!

  106. I am SO SO SO with you on the laundry!
    Seriously the chore I hate the most!

    Seriously: I am looking at the pile I have to just fold right now and its heaping/taking over my couch.

    Plus, getting married....you have to do DOUBLE!


    Have a great day!


  107. That's what I call a successful link-up. I was going to, but didn't get around to getting my post ready.

    I love potatoes, but hate sweet potatoes. I don't like vegetables either. And I hold grudges.

    I also do all of my best thinking in the shower.

  108. Clearly not a fail! I loved this link-up (my first one).

    I have naturally curly hair too and it does not look great when air dried, but the diffuser is my BFF. Planning to do a blog post on my hair soon.

    And I believe that potatoes are their own food group, especially french fries.

  109. Loving EVERYTHING about this! Will you be hosting another so I can link-up? xo

  110. Totally love that you repeat the same movie or song! I am the same way! I guess people find it annoying but when a song is good why not play the shiznit out of it!

  111. HAHAHHAH loved this!!! wow cool past acting life!!! and totally get you with the food obsession issue! hahahaha!! im a new follower! and new in blogging!! any tips, are welcome :)!!

  112. Ahhhhh!
    Finally not alone in this world!
    Straw drinking my fav.
    Started young because the cup of tea was too hot and the straw somehow magically cooled it down before reaching my tongue!
    Now the straw is no novelty it is an appendage!
    Love the blog.

  113. This is so great! I totally agree about the bobby pin thing! I love your blog and am looking forward to reading your posts in the future!

    Enjoy your day :)

    ♥ Talia

  114. Apparently the link up was a success! I just saw this through a friends blog. I share A LOT of your facts and am just like you about seeing who people are on their blog. Your post cracked me up! Curly hair also, must drink from a straw, and I hate green veggies. Great idea!

  115. Found you today through the glossy blonde and you are hilarious! Can't wait for the next found of facts.

    PS-It really may be possible that sweet potatoes are the devil in food form. (Sometimes he even hides as something better in the form of fries dipped in something buttery and wonderful-and then you remember)

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  117. I'm a little late to the party but here regardless! :)

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