Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Whitney's What the? Wednesday

As some of you may, or may not, know I regularly plan my future life as a reality superstar. That being said, I tend to troll around celebrity gossip pretty often, probably more than what's considered to be normal, and I actually really enjoy gaining more pointless knowledge of all the train wrecks I'm sure to one day be working next to one day.

Today I'm starting a little something new around this little interwebz corner that I plan on making a regularly scheduled Wednesday thingy thang. This little topic will be called Whitney's What the? Wednesday and it's going to touch on all things celeb gossip and such.

So, without further adieu, I present the first edition of

Let's start with our favorite doping athlete, shall we?
Oh Lance, Lancey Lancey Lance.
I'm really still trying to find out why this is such shocking news to the rest of the world, it's only been an accusation for as long as I can remember. 
However, if I had to put my money on non-doped homeboy to still place pretty high in the next Tour de France, I'd do it. That shit looks damn near impossible. Can you imagine how long he had to lay off the beer and wings for? And the only shots he was taking was the ones that go in one of his ass cheeks? 
Woof. Better Lancey than me, I say.

Sharon Osbourne, for the love of all that is Gaga, WHY are you feuding with a pop star with a bigger following than all of your family members put together?
Personally, I'd be afraid of all of those monsters coming after me.
Bad move, Sharon. It might be a good time to let your purple headed, little offspring to fight her own battles. 
Just a thought.

B. Spears. Britty. Brit Brit. My favorite little country bumpkin.
She's justa riding down Heartbreak Boulevard, once again.
If I said I wasn't still harvesting on a Britney and J.Timberlake reunion, it'd be damn near close to if I told you I was never drinking wine again. Lies.
Really though, let's all say a little prayer that she keeps her hair this time.
As entertaining as a Brit Brit meltdown is, I don't think I'll ever look at a pair of clippers the same again. 
I might even still get nightmares. 

Sticking with my favorite little queens of 90's pop, Jessica Pregnant-Forever-Simpson.
Poor little Daisy Duke says this pregnancy has been full of sickness which is much different from the joyride her first pregnancy was.
I can only hope this is means for a pregnancy that doesn't last for 2 years.
And I imagine Weight Watchers is likely to agree with that sentiment.

And ending this first edition on the sexiest note possible, Mr. Sexy Pants Ryan Gosling.
Who, apparently, is quite the Suzy Homemaker.
He was recently quoted saying that he was once on set with some old women who taught him how to knit, that is was very relaxing, and that was his idea of the perfect day.
I could think of a much more perfect day with you, Mr. Gosling.
But I say, as long as he's knitting shirtless and ditching Eva Mendes for me, I'm very ok with this.
I wonder if he knows how to make those cute little knit headbands I see everywhere lately?
Someone should tell him how blog chic they are.

And that's it for today.
Do we like or despise this new Wednesday topic?
I'd love feedback, although if you all hate it and next Wednesday comes around and I have nothing to write about, I may still participate.
Happy Humpday, loves.


  1. Any post with Ryan Gosling on it makes me happy. I love the post, but you already knew that ; )

  2. Did you hear that AJ McLean asked Ryan Gosling to be in Backstreet Boys before they got popular????? That was pretty much my favorite news story ever yesterday.

    1. This is true. AJ talked to TMZ about it, it was SO funny. I love me some BSB.

  3. I am happy to report that I too am a celebrity gossip hoe. It's ridiculous how much time I spend trolling websites like dlisted, perezhilton, and popsugar. I could've used that time to I don't know, DO SOMETHING with my life. It brought me joy to read that you enjoy doing the same. I am so sad for Britney, I heart her so much. I read somewhere (gossip site, duh) that she was offered a Vegas deal... that would be amazing and yes, I would pay $150 to see her show.

  4. um yes. this needs to stay. love this whitty you lil firecracker you. why did i call you that? no one knows. maybe lance or Ryan gosling knows.

  5. This is a great Wednesday topic! You think Ryan will knit a sweater for Jess Simps new baby?

  6. I love celebrity gossip! Its embarrassing that I have 6 gossip magazine subscriptions on my Kindle Fire, eeek! This sounds like a great weekly thingy thang!


  7. Love this idea...I just might have to jump on the bandwagon next week. I'm a tad obsessed with celebrities as well. Between Twitter, Instagram and my US Weekly I can almost get enough.

  8. there's nothing i love more than a celeb gossip post... in fact, i indulge in them quite frequently! i say keep on keepin' on, "what the? wednesday".


  9. I love this. my favorite celebrity sleaze site is ONTD... which has the best people commenting like, EVER. This post is pure gold. Also, JT + Britney forever!

  10. i thought this post was genius but then you added that picture of Ryan Gosling ... that alone makes this post a masterpiece.

  11. I like it! I'm not good at keeping up with celeb stuff, so I can learn the most important things here from you... :)

  12. I'm sorry what did you say? I can't get past the shirtless Ryan Gosling pic...

  13. STOP it. Ryan Gosling knits? I am more in love now than ever.

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  14. I enjoyed this, very funny! I harbor hope for a Brit/JT reunion ALMOST as much as Nick/Jessica reunion. I refuse to give up on that one and cry every time I watch old episodes of Newlyweds.

  15. Mr. Gosling is a real life hey girl. I love him so many.

  16. I want Ryan Gosling to do dirty things to me. Yup, I said it. Also.. OMG CAN YOU MAKE THIS A LINK-UP? K byeeeee.

  17. lol i love this! and you know as well as I do that all athletes blood dope! Theres a hidden agenda about this we know nothing about YET!.. and i bet my right boob he would have won anyways!

  18. have you seen the video of him reading some of they "hey, girl" posts? Fell in love with him all over again while watching.

  19. LOVING this new addition. Keep it coming.

  20. Any post with hot, shirtless men is a winner! And I love me some good celebrity gossip!

  21. I still have hope for at Britney and Justin reunion. I bet Jessica is shitting her pants right now!

  22. My friend called me the other day about Lance. My friend is into bike riding and all that jazz and he said he wasn't surprised or upset. He figured most people who bike ride take some sort of enhancements just because of how physically demanding it is.

    Happy hump day!

  23. Did you hear the J Simps is going to have her own "comedic" reality show...again? We've already tackled the chicken of the sea so I'm not sure what else is out there for her but I still can't seem to be able to string together the words "I won't watch it". Let's be real I live for this shit.

  24. I like! I don't get caught up enough about celebrity gossip. When I do find the time, I could spend hours perusing through sites like People and US. I had no idea Jessica Simpson was pregnant again! Good for her! Like the new weekly segment.


  25. I really enjoyed this! Your comments are really funny! Can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  26. I loved this!! Great idea.
    I loved the JSimpson part.. and of course, I loved the Ryan Gosling pic as well.


  27. hahaha this is hilarious. LOVE the idea!

  28. LOVE this new idea! Ryan Gosling can make anything sexy... even knitting!

  29. "Oh, hey girl. Why don't you just sit down with that glass of wine, put your feet up, and I'll knit you one of those really cool headbands tonight." --- seriously Ryan Gosling?!

    Jessica is preggers again? I had no idea... wasn't she just pregnant with her last baby like a minute ago? Busy woman.

  30. Love it! I may learn something, too!

  31. haha I love it. Keep it comin'! :P

  32. I read the whole post, but once I got to the Ryan Gosling section- well, I just stopped and stared. How does he exist? And why aren't there more men like him in the world.

  33. I fully support What the ? Wednesdays!

    I have to say though, it was very wise to put the picture of Ryan at the end. It ensured that I read your post and then was free to stop and stare at his beautiful bod.

    The Daily Sarah Jane

  34. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. I'm such a sucker for celebrity gossip. I mean my number one news source is TMZ. If TMZ didn't say it, then it isn't true. So sad Kelly and Gaga aren't playing nice. I love them both. And as sad as Brits situation is, she is rumored to be working out the logistics of a show in Vegas paying far more than $100 Million per year! I'd be pretty happy with that ;)

  35. HOLD THE PHONES. Ryan Gossling likes to knit?! Be still my heart. I love him even more now...

    P.S. LOVE this weekly post idea :)

  36. I about lost it when I read the interview with RG about knitting. SERIOUSLY, if I werent so in love with him I would find it a little weird.

    ALSO, I AM OBSESSED WITH THE SHARON GAGA debacle... partially I can watch the whole thing play out on twitter... ah technology :)

    I like your new feature!

  37. I am so excited for this new little series! I LOVE celeb gossip but always fall behind when I'm at school and away from my mom's People magazine collection. Glad you'll keep me up to date :)

  38. from one whitney to another.. this is wonderful! i'm excited to read more and am now following! love your blog!

  39. I love it and totally think you should make it a link up... imma just sayn'

  40. I WANT THIS TO BE A LINK UP, OKAY?!?!?! Thanks lovely lady.

  41. I like it! I kind of remain oblivious to the happenings of celebrities so I'd love if you did all my stalking and I can just come here to read all about it on Wednesdays :)

    Seriously though, you should keep doing it.

  42. Definitely a fan of celeb gossip! Ryan Gosling is just so yummy...

  43. I agree Sharon needs to just let Kelly fight her own battles or ignore her altogether.
    Who care's what Lady Gagas fans say?

  44. Kind of in love with Ryan Gosling...especially when he's shirtless. And offering to rub my feet.


  45. Love this new Wednesday topic! Great idea!

  46. love this! and i'm totally with you on the britney and justin thing! they were meant to be.

  47. This is awesome!! I am soo reading these from now on :-) Your blog takes the cake!

    XO Jenna @ Demure in Diamonds

  48. I think this is a great! Who doesn't love a little celebrity gossip? :)


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