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Glitter Champagne Bottle Tutorial

I made this as a graduation gift for one of my best friends.

You see, I’m not the friend you invite to your party because you know you’re going to get some super awesome, expensive gift. No. I’m just the one you invite to your party because I like to party.
Sorry, friends.


Today I’m going to show you how I made this glittery champagne bottle.
You don’t have to limit this to a champagne bottle, I believe I actually go the idea from someone who did this to a bottle of liquor.

This is probably the easiest tutorial ever because it was the easiest project ever.

Here’s what you need:


– Bottle to glitter-fy
– Mode Podge
– Gloss finishing spray
– Any type of small paint brush

Little by little you want to brush on Modge Podge in areas around the bottle and sprinkle the glitter on.


Don’t push the glitter down, just sprinkle a lot on.
Continue until you’ve covered the entire bottle, framing around the labels.

Let the bottle dry completely and then spray a thin coat of finishing spray on the entire bottle.
Do not over spray bottle – it will dull the glitter and then your bottle will look sad.


Ta daaaa. That’s. It.
I want to make a few of these to put around my house. They look SO fancy and this was a hit with everyone who saw it!