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The Facts of Me

Have you ever been to a theme park only to leave with your mind blown because some friendly, over knowledgable, employee laid some crazy fun fact on you?

Personally, I feel my mind is blow every time I go to Sea World.
They’re all “do you know why flamingos are pink?! Because they eat shrimp!”.
And then just like that BOOM mind blown.

Well, as always, this got me thinking…
If I was a theme park and, let’s just say, my dogs were the overly knowledgable employees, what fun facts would they have to tell people about me?

Here’s where you come in, lovely blogger!
Not only do I want to share some fun facts about me, I want to be the nosey visitor that I am and tour your personal theme park to hear fun facts about you.
Your facts can be silly, interesting, serious, etc.

Join me this Tuesday for my one day only link-up:

And just in case you need an example, here’s one of my facts I’ll be using:
I drink nearly everything out of a straw. Drinks just taste better when they’re sipped from a straw!

I hope to see you all here on Tuesday (January 22) so I can take a trip to your theme park and get my learn on.