Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gearing up for GAME DAY - Wreath tutorial!

Football season is RIGHT around the corner and this year some things have changed for me. You see, this year I'm living with the enemy. That's right... I'm dating a true, blue Florida Gator. (insert gag here) We are both pretty excited about football season and our respective mascots are making more and more appearances around this house. I knew it was only a matter of time until that ugly Gator tried to sneak his way on the front door... so I did some research.

I found a similar wreath on Etsy, via Pinterest, but there were no directions as to how she made it - but I knew I could figure out a way without paying her price tag. Then I went to try and find hers to mock it as best as possible and I couldn't find where I had pinned it, of course. 

So, without further adieu...

My house divided wreath tutorial.
Here's the completed project!

Here's what you'll need:

- A LOT of mardi gras beads. No, I didn't flash 72 people to obtain them all (I know you are all wondering)... I ordered mine off of eBay for about $10. It came with roughly 72 strands of beads and I was able to choose which colors I wanted.
- Hot glue gun and glue sticks
- Straight pins  
- Ribbon to match your beads. I suggest 2 for each team.
- Mod Podge & sealing spray
- Team stickers. I couldn't find any collegiate stickers at Hobby Lobby so I bought the smallest amount of collegiate fabric they'd allow, which is 1/8th of a yard of each. Make sure that the fabric has a full image you want on your wreath. 
- Paint & paint brush. Whatever color you want to mount your mascots against.
- Wood plaque. Small enough to put over a bow, big enough to fit your mascots on.
- Styrofoam wreath form
- Craft wire, or very thick string. Used to mount wood plaque to wreath. 

Optional: Snacks & wine... you will be here for a little while.

The first thing I did was paint my wood plaque with two coats of black paint. I did it first so it had a good amount of time to dry.

Next I began to wrap the entire wreath form with ribbon. I used all four colors of ribbon and secured the ribbon with straight pins - it was very effective!

Next you want to get comfortable. Very comfortable.

I cut each strand of beads so they were one long strand (no longer a necklace) and wrapped the wreath in one layer of beads. To secure I mounted them with a straight pin (through the thread) and used a bunch of hot glue.

I super stuck all of the elements down with a bunch of reinforcements because I want the wreath to be able to withstand weather conditions.

Once I had a single layer of the beads down (left side) I started twisting two bead colors together and wrapping them over the first layer (right side).

Again, keep pinning and glueing your beads. It seems like a little much - but I'd rather have too many reinforcements than a falling apart wreath halfway through football season.

Here's how it looked once I finally finished wrapping and wrapping and wrapping 72 strands of mardi gras beads around this thing. It's a bit consuming - but I think worth it!

Next I cut out "stickers" from the fabric I bought and Mod Podged them to the painted wood plaque.

Once the Mod Podge is dry - or once you blow dry it dry (like my impatient self did) spray a nice coat of the clear sealant on. I suggest doing this outdoors... Shiz will get you highhh.

I am not a bow artist like most of the crafty ladies out there, so I did what I could. I knew the middle was going to get covered up anyways. Straight pins are my friend. My best friend.

To add the bow to the wreath I squeezed about an entire stick of hot glue to the area and then pinned it to the wreath form as well. Believe me when I say, this sucker isn't going anywhere. Ever.

Once your plaque is completely dry - hot glue long pieces of craft wire to the back. Again, I used a boat load of hot glue.

Once that's dry enough to move around, dump another gallon of hot glue on the back and slap it in the middle of the bow. 

Wrap the wire around the wreath and tie tightly in the back. Make sure it's nice and secure.


Like this tutorial?


  1. This is really cute! I need to make a Tennessee/Vanderbilt one for our house! BIG rivalries! Great job!!!

  2. Love your wreath! Great minds think alike. I posted about the game day wreath I made this weekend!

  3. This is so cool! Nice work lady. I love college football season too! Go Ducks :)

  4. SO freaking cute, love it AND I'm so excited for college football.

    ugh, I'm with you - hate the Gators and I'm married to one! :P

  5. It turned out great! Lucky for me, our house isnt divided, but i def want to make wreath with our sports team for football season! Go Ducks!

  6. That is awesome! If we had a normal front door I'd totally make a Bears/Cowboys one.

  7. girl, that is freakin cute! thank God we don't live in a house divided and we can just do staight up red & white. can't waaaaaaait for football season and tailgating!!!

  8. that's fantastic- I love it! nicely done

  9. This is so cute! Nicely done! I will have to remember this if I actually try some crafting projects!

  10. So dang cute!!! I need to make a wreath this year, I bought all the supplies last year and somehow got sidetracked through the whole football season. TYPICAL. Your wreath looks adorable, love the beads (well the Blue and Orange ones) :)

  11. I love this wreath & your blog! I'm a new GFC follower :) www.domesticsweetheart.com

  12. I am married to a gator! Yuck! I am so making a wreath now too

  13. You are hilarious with your gallon of hot glue. I think I should make one of these too. It's so cute!

  14. hahaha that's sooo awesome. good thing we're not divided on Football team. I can't wait!

  15. That is freaking cute!!! Good job!!! We're not divided on college or NFL over here but I would love to make a couple like this for each of our teams!

  16. So crafty, you are!! I have been wanting to attempt a wreath and just haven't yet braved it. Maybe I will do this soon. Absolutely adorable!

  17. oh my gosh, this is too funny! you fans in the south get totally into football, i love it!


  18. oh and I meant to add, now you have me wanting to make a Rangers one :)

  19. oooh a house divided? how do you two manage through football season? kidding. super cute wreath ive never seen it done with beads, great idea!

  20. This is amazing! and um, how is it possible that I didn't already follow your blog? I swore I did! YIKES! following now FOR REAL!

  21. I LOOOOVE this idea, so cute! Thanks for sharing!!

  22. This is so awesome! I can't get over how creative you are darling. Now I feel inspired to make one for S and I... with Packer colors of course ;)

  23. Look at you, you crafty little thing! :)

  24. Beads! Genius! I think I just found my next project...Go Gators!

  25. I am obsessed with this! I don't live with any stinky OU fans though so I think I'll just do an OSU themed one. Such a cute idea!!

  26. AHHH how cute, I totally need to make one of these ASAP!

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